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Mail still plays a role in my life. It's the primary way I communicate with my two grandparents--one in CA and one in WI. I try to write them at least one card per week and hear back from them pretty often by mail, even though my grandpa also uses e-mail. I also shop online a lot so speedy delivery of packages is important to me. I'm a dork and actually like getting the Anthropologie catalog in the mail, too. I have other ways to communicate, obviously, but I think mail is still a really important way.
Great job, Tabitha! This is awesome.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2010 on Post-Haste Home! at National Postal Museum
Great post, Sarah! It will be interesting to see your impression of collecting culture by the end of your internship. (And we'll see if you can still claim to not be a collector!) I also look forward to a blog post about your summer project, too! :)
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Jun 14, 2010