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Wil, I love when you share these kinds of posts. My dad is the man my mom married when I was five. He had two kids from a previous marriage, and never treated me any differently from my brothers. In fact, the day after my parents got married, he took the three of us kids out to the front porch and said "These are the only steps in this house. You're all my kids, and you're all brothers and sister. Take care of each other." 22 years later, I'm so happy to say in addition to being my dad, he's one of my best friends. Like you did with your kids, he helped me grow into all of the awesome geeky interests in my life, like video games, fantasy books, and scary movies. So thanks, Wil. Not every stepfather can step up and be a dad. Sounds like you've done an amazing job.
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Wil, if you're ever in Brooklyn, I'd be happy to take you to Barcade, which is an awesome craft beer bar, with probably 30 old arcade games and a dingy dive bar atmosphere. One of my favorites in the neighborhood!
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Sep 13, 2011