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Elizabeth Rosemond
Dallas, TX owner.bookbinder.crafter.blogger
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BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm just sitting here staring at all of my supplies. LOL!
So clean and gorgeous!
Love these! And I agree about the Roald Dahl quote, so insipring.
So crisp and beautiful!
I seriously would have wet my pants if I were you! I can't wait to pick these babies up!!
Love it! It sounds like you're in a pretty good space :D
LOVE this so very much! Your lettering is perfection and I definitely need to remind myself of this sentiment often. I spend WAY too much time trying to figure out how other folks are successful at doing things. I really need to put the focus back on myself :)
Wow! Those photos are amazing!!
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I think I'm going to do it too! But do I need to have a team? It sounds like I can't do it by myself :(
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I've done this way too many times to mention - never fun!! Sending you virtual hugs!! xo
I hope you're feeling better soon, my friend! xoxo
I'm very rarely speechless, but....yeah. No words, girl. This is so awesome! I need to try the coil binding! I've always used the wire ones and I'm never happy with the shape after I bind everything.
This entire spread makes me SO SO happy for you!!
OMG, BEYOND excited for you!!!!! Amazing.
So excited for you! I hope days 1 and 2 were the bomb. I love me some Jimmy, too!
i agree with //Panda...can't wait to hear the news!! oh, and that song? it's my first time...i might be in love.
Do you have room for me in there? You have all of my faves in one awesome bag! Have fun...can't wait to see what's up :D
I let this post marinate in my brain overnight, so that I'd be able to comment without sounding like an idiot. You've inspired me. BIG TIME. I've been reading for years, maybe 6 or 7. I've always enjoyed my daily read and I've always been inspired by your creativity and (seemingly) boundless energy. But this post is game changer for me. I have a small crafty shop; I love it. Lately, I've been feeling bored and a little bogged down. I've felt like a slave to the products I don't love and I've lost sight of why I started the business in the first place. I love to make things. But I can't make things that I love if I'm focused on selling things that I don't. I'd been tossing around that idea of making a change, but I was afraid I'd lose customers. After reading this? BOOM. Decision made. I thank you for sharing and for inspiring.
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LOVE IT. That is all :)
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I just printed mine - in love!! Thank you. xo
Youre so sweet, thank you! xo
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I'm so glad you wrote this post! I tend to lurk rather than comment and I'd like to change that this year :) I totally agree re: Feedly - LOVE using it, but it definitely isn't super easy to hop on over to an actual blog to leave a comment (or even to Pin something!); even more difficult when using a mobile device. I usually end up e-mailing something to myself as a reminder to leave a comment/Pin later. Just letting you know that I'm still here! xoxo
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Did I only have 2 tables when you were here? I didnt buy a new one, I just grabbed one out of the garage for my sewing machine :)
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ha! i didn't even see it. i'm sure i took this photo on Law & Order SVU Tuesday, so the remote was the star of the day :)
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Funny, the first time I did this I was 6 months pregnant with Michael. Corey was traveling internationally CONSTANTLY and I was exhausted. Ive been doing it at least once a year ever since! It was a total lifesaver while I was stranded in Dallas. Oh, the leggings are HM (plus size, naturally). Wasnt sure I could pull them off, but Ive fallen in love with them :) Sent from my iPhone
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