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Here's the thing though. Google has shown time and again that they don't care about you the user, they care about their customers. The customer isn't the person uploading content, using the service, relying on it for email communications, writing their thesis in docs or backing up vital family memories to drive -- the customer is advertisers. All of the 'services' exist to sell ad impressions, or keep users 'stuck' to the branded properties to sell data about habits to make those ads more lucrative. Now, with YouTube being "plusified" -- their marketing people can claim all its users within the g+ ecosystem, increasing the "social value" or something and make more ludicrous claims about how large and 'vibrant' the G+ community is. Just like they did with search, just like they did with mail. So google got rid of a feature you, and many others relied heavily on without notice or warning -- wouldn't be the first time, they do it in Apps, that businesses use, all the damn time. A full refund of all of the $0 we've paid in to it would be in order. Always remember, if you're not paying for it -- you're not the customer, you're the product.
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May 2, 2012