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"While it would be in bad taste to arbitrarily go after a public figure's family" Right, and the Bush twins were fair game; because... they were older? But Chelsea wasn't even when she was. And Palin's daughters were fair game because... um? Oh, they're from Alaska; clearly rednecks who deserve what they get? No? got a better excuse? Take some time to come up with one. Weird, the rules keep changing; but it always comes out that Democrat's kids are never fair game; and Republican's kids always are. If I didn't know you journalists were fair, nonpartisan, and above politics I'd suspect this isn't in fact coincidental... Fortunately everyone knows journalist favor liberals overwhelmingly by coincidence and accident; time and time again. That's your defense, right? Any chance you can come up with a better excuse that that tripe as well?
"As for eating there being about freedom of speech? I call BS, or at least a lack of understanding. Opposing an opinion does not mean that one wants to silence that opinion." And when the Mayors of three large cities threaten to use the power of the government to block any commercial activity from someone with the "wrong" opinions... that's not a free speech issue? Cities should be allowed to have an "acceptable opinions" clause for all citizens wishing to do any commerce in the city? And you think this will help the LGBT community to have "community opinion standards" that must be followed by anyone wishing to engage in commercial interactions? I'm not sure you've thought this one through; but don't let me stand in the way of setting a precedent the bigots can then use to oppress you. That door swings both ways; unlock it if you want; but don't come crying to me if it breaks your nose.
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So you investigate every major shareholder of every company you've ever done business with? No? then it's possible, in fact likely that you have funded "bigots" as well. So you're also evil right? Not only that, you're lazy and evil for not doing all the necessary research to make 100% certain that you're never ever under any circumstances funding anyone who you might disagree with politically.
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"I think Chick-Fil-A should be ridiculed, hell even banned." Right, ban people for the wrong opinion; especially the wrong religious opinion. If you don't drive out the unbeliever how can we achieve the goal of Theocracy. The GLBT communities always thrive under a Theocracy; so smiting the unbeliever with the power of government is the clear precedent we need to make here. Boycott all you want; protest, speak out, oppose them. But the minute you start supporting the Government oppressing people with the "wrong" opinion you're going to get a lot of push-back. Because that is a stupid, dangerous, and harmful path you're stepping on; and I'd like to avoid walking to the end of it.
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Ok, so you hate Chick-Fil-A because they don't support Gay Marriage. And you hat them enough to take action to show your dislike of their position. Can you show me your posts, tweets, comments from 2008-2011 when the President of the United States held the same position? That "traditional marriage" was the only accepted answer, you openly opposed him right? No? Ok, well he's just the President of the United States; I can certainly see that you'd expect better political messaging from a Chicken Sandwich than the President. I agree; I think that Obama is less useful than a Chicken Sandwich as well; I just didn't realize so many liberals agreed with me.
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Why is this surprising? If their "punishment" for spending more than they can afford is to be handed a huge stack of cash and bailed out; why would they bother to slow their spending and be responsible?
The apology: Looks like an actual "apology-apology" and he apologized directly to Popaditch in a phone call as well. Yes there's some weaseling in this too; but if you expected a perfect apology you're going to wait forever. This one covers what I think you need to say in an apology, hitting what I'd call the required notes for an apology to at least seem sincere. 1) I did wrong. 2) It was me that did it. 3) I shouldn't have done it. 4) I see what was wrong in what I did now. 5) I apologize for what I did. 6) Apologize directly to the aggrieved party when possible/appropriate. "We all make mistakes. On Saturday, I clearly made a mistake." ... "So let me apologize to not only Mr. Popaditch but also anyone who was offended by the cartoon. In hindsight, it was a bad decision to run it and I certainly had no intention of offending him or besmirching his honorable service in any way." ... "I am apologizing because I simply made the wrong call." ... "In fairness to me, I can’t possibly be expected to always know how people will take a comment or a photo or a cartoon. But I do see now how many took this as a personal swipe, and that is not a good thing."
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Jul 13, 2010