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Interests: Flying, Space Exploration, Photography, Music (playing bass guitar in a band), teaching my kids about life
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Why are critics giving "Over There" great reviews just because "it's Bochco"? This show sucks in so many ways and on so many levels I don't know where to start. As a current member of the Army with 24 years service, including a 12 month tour of Iraq, I can tell you that "Over There" is to Operation Iraqi Freedom what "Lost In Space" was to the Apollo program. Bochco is not even close! Here are some basics: Soliders today are not drafted. Everyone in uniform, especially Privates as portrayed, knew exactly what they were signing up for. We've had an all volunteer Army for over 30 years. Second, we never throw rookies straight into a fight with no training and no leadership. In the pilot, the troops went from home to the battlefield in a few days. My unit spent months training at home, then again in Kuwait, then some more at our base in Iraq before we ever went out on a mission. Third, soldiers do not speak to officers the way "SGT Scream" does. Officers do not drive around in a humvee with a stereo blasting. Officers are on the front lines with the soldiers. If you don't believe me, see how many officers have been killed in Iraq leading troops. Finally, soldiers today are professionals. They do not go looking for Courvasior at another camp. They do not smoke pot. They do not all have nicknames like in "Top Gun". They do not talk back to their NCOs, and those NCOs do not scream at them and threaten to shoot them. It was clear to me after watching the pilot that Bochco and company did not have any Army officers or NCOs as military advisors. In fact, he does not. He has one USMC E-6 who has done one tour of Iraq which for them means seven months, not 12. This show needs to be cancelled and reworked with OIF vets from the Army participating. Spike Thiesmeyer CW2, Aviator OIF 2, April 04-April 05 Balad Air Base-Anaconda
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2005 on Over There on FX Wednesdays at Al Nye The Lawyer Guy