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The pictures were taken by KTLA photographers... one from the helicopter and one from the ground.
Michael: I will pass along your complaint. Sorry it didn't work out. (Big shake of the fist). Eric
Brent: Couldn't agree more. There's a way to cover these stories without looking at a picture and hypothesizing.
Sgt. Gates, please send up an email on how I can contact you and discuss this further. My email address is
Folks: The job of a reporter is to cover all sides of the story. Our coverage today included Daryl Gates' achievements as well as criticisms about his career (not my opinions, but the opinions of others). The only interviews we included were from officers who were highly complimentary about Daryl Gates. I got hate mail from viewers who say were were too tough on him and some from people who say we went too light on him. That's how I know we did a good job. By the way, for those of you invoking Hal Fishman's name, I knew him personally and worked with him for more than a decade. Hal was a person who didn't hide his opinions. He never once expressed disappointment in my work. But maybe those of you who are channeling his views from the grave know better.
For those having trouble downloading the pdf file, try viewing it on line at
Tristan: As I am sure you may know, I don't personally choose many of the stories I cover. I do agree that there are more important issues than the NFL coming back to L.A. But I do think during Super Bowl week, the topic is worthwhile. Thanks for chiming in.
It IS news when an actor involved in a controversy sits down for his first on-camera interview since it happened. Yes, it was four years ago, but he's NEVER addressed this issue in front of a camera. For the millionth time, that is why it's news.
To those siding with Mel: Why don't we just let celebrities decide what THEY want US to ask them? Maybe they could script them out for us in advance. After all, who's better than a famous actor at defining what is news?
Folks: There is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer. Celebrities like Mel are so used to intimidating reporters that it seems shocking when someone asks a tough question, which by the way, was totally legitimate. We learned a lot about Mel from his response.
Larry: It is our job to show you what your elected officials are doing and then to let you decide for yourself if you approve. That is why I posted the segment. It IS most definitely news.