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Because I don't see things working for Toronto. A new head coach and Hedo are not going to make that a good team. The only thing we have to worry about is a sign and trade. Also, out on the horizon, is the possibility of James. Shaq may o may not do it, but I say that if Cleveland does not make it to the finals, and further, to a game seven, James is no longer going to be there. I am not saying that he will be in Miami, but definitely not in Cleveland where they have sold their soul much like we sold ours in 2006. Anyone should realize that if they don't do it now, they are screwed for at least three years.
I think things turned out great this off season. The fact that we did not have to trade Beasley for Bosh will be a windfall in hindsight a year from now
After reading LO's comments at the Lakers press conference I am sure we were used. Glad it backfired on him and he had to take less money.
Why is this blog always litter with pissing matches? Oh the horror...the horror Please guys Posted by: heatfan69 ==================== Please review the words and really see who starts what. My "insults" are in jest. C'mon,,would you really get all bent out oof shape, if some unknown stranger insinuated you get an allowance from mommy? you dont find that in jest? Posted by: doctorb | July 31, 2009 at 12:20 PM --------------------- I realize some of it is in jest, but I think some guys take it seriously. Either way, it is boring to read. Can't we just focus on the Heat and stop making bets and having arguments. It is sad that I am so desperate for sports news in this dread june-august sports desert that is known as baseball season, that I will even read a page of you guys having silly cat fights.
and why cant I edit my freaken stupid typos
Why is this blog always litter with pissing matches? Oh the horror...the horror Please guys
Oh I forgot to add that Beasley is a much better shooter than alot of the guys that have come through here from 6ft to 21ft, and his three point range looks promising. I am actually not that bummed that we did not get Odom, because now we can see if Beasley will be what we want him to be. I can accept that as the focus of our season, even if we don't get passed the first round. THEN we can really hope for something big in 2010. I know it is only Hope, but when he has some cash, in Riles I trust (even though his track record is filled with some pretty egregious mistake.)
You guys realize the Bulls drafted Pippen right? Maybe we will get a decent draft pick who pans out to be a top player. I can only hope that the Heat get such a talented player, hell who knows maybe they can draft a 20/10 guy. Wait a minute.... Posted by: jrod44 | July 31, 2009 at 11:45 AM ------------------------ Great Post. I dunno if Beasley will turn out to be all we want him to be. He is a scoring machine, but a little too soft around the rim, for me. His stuff gets rejected about as much as Walker's did when he was here. The difference is he can finish (when there is no one there to block it) much better than Walker, when he seemed to throw thing up at the rim rather than shoot. Also, the talk of his lack of athleticism has me worried. Don't get me wrong I REALLY want this guy to succeed and be a star, I just dont know if it will happen.
Does anybody write for this paper anymore. The reporting the past 6 weeks has been egregiously slow and bad. I know it is a dead time for sports, but no ask ira (especially when he admits he has a back log of questions) or blog piece for either ira or omar on a Sunday is ridiculous!!!! C'mon guys, get with it!
new blog
Where does Wade call out Beasley for being slow? Paste a link if you can.
The problem with Wade is that he has been poisoned by everybody tells him,especially his handlers and new "friends". He has been poisoned by money (I have always said that you really learn about a man by his choices when all options are there for him). The narcissism growing inside him is moving to epic proportions. Its tuff for me because I really enjoyed his humbleness and always hoped it would remain. He is just spoiled. Look at how his reaction to ref calls over the year. The last two years all he does is throw a tantrum when he does not get a call he wants (not to mention not get back on defense.) Don't get me wrong, I still love to watch the kid play, but it is not the same when he acts like a little bytch.
Eddie I think that is the reality of our situation. We may add Iverson to appease the DIVA but nothing major is going to happen until he re signs. I actually think things are falling in line for 2010. Bosh is not going to get traded so Beasley should be safe. My dreams of a DIVA, Beasley, Bosh, LJ or Amare seem to be safe with Turkolu in Toronto, for now they will not trade Bosh and I don't think they are any better than a 2nd round team.
No thanks to Andre Miller. He is old and cannot hit the three regularly. Plus he may cost us something. AI will be a challenge. I think we are screwed unless the DIVA re signs this year. Man, I miss the 2003-2006 wade.
The panthers are a joke and have made hockey meaningless here in Florida. I can't believe I am saying this but I wish Wayne was still the owner. How this team got their own arena is beyond me. What a waste of money.
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