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Ethan W
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That so sucks man, hopefully someone will do the right thing...
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Sounds GREAT is the RFB kinda shelved for now? I know your kinda busy. We had Robert Picardo (The Dr/Voyager) on the LIVE show the other day and we talked about you and social media and privacy. Good show, but we miss ya Wil...look forward to a new RFB when ya have time. -Ethan Tudor W. Actor/Host of "The Neverhood Show" Also catch me on Wed. nights at 8pm (PST) on the ABC/Warner Series "The Middle" on ABC.
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Hey Wil, HSW is freakin BRILL, mostly I listen to HSW and RFB when I'm in the car, in fact, I'm at a red light right now! You turned me on to podcasting and HSW, what are you going to bring in to my life next? Would you be willing to come on "The Neverhood" for half an hour on Monday, March 8th at 10am (PST) for a LIVE show? I think it would be fun to have you on and take some live calls from folks and talk about RFB, TBBT, and your writing if you have the 30 min. to spare. We could take a lot of calls in 30min. Give it a think Wil, if you have time we would love to see you here in The Neverhood. -Ethan
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You know Wil, L.A. is a weird place, I'm IN PDX and have to move back to Redondo in April because that's where the business is for us Actors. Perspective is everything, the trick to L.A. is not to take it so serious. I lived in Venice for 22 years, moved to Portland (Which was right at the time for me), and now am moving back as I once again move back to working in front of the camera. We live there because we LOVE what we do, we can hate the smog, the traffic, and sometimes the people, but we LOVE the business we are in. Keep writing Mate! The pearls of your thoughts come out when you least expect it, and we get to enjoy it as well -Ethan Tudor W.
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Jan 13, 2010