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Euan Semple
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Nice post, and i love tbat John O’Donohue quote.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on A Reflective Conversation at conversation matters
I always liked the idea of parasitic mobile phone networks where if you get enough density you can do without the central supplier. Started musing about this again when various agencies pulled the plug on Wikileaks.
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Posh and Posher on the Beeb the other night explored the installation in positions of power of the old guard, in fact old Etonians mostly, and said this heralded the end of the great meritocratic experiment. My response hurled truculently at the telly was - "no it boody doesn't". It is not just the youngsters who need to wade in ...
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Thanks for the link to Steven's blog. I enjoyed both The War Of Art and Gates of Fire - must read more by him!
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Apr 1, 2010