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My regular gaming group is very D&D-focused. I've been running Paizo's Shackled City Adventure Path for three years now. (OMFG, that's a long time.) I don't know that I'd run a high fantasy game with Savage Worlds, as there are so many systems already well-suited for that genre (4e, Dragon Age, Dragon Warriors). That's probably just personal taste, and it doesn't answer your question. Savage Worlds is a kick-ass system for a one-shot game, no question. It's also a completely worthwhile system for any game where you want to play with more focus on the story and the fun than on the system. It's more than capable for a campaign of any length. Some of the Savage [Campaign] Settings are wonderfully detailed and well-suited to campaigns far past a handful of sessions. At $10 for the Explorer's Edition, it's a great value.
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My buddy who writes Dark Heresy content for Fantasy Flight got an early release of the new WFRP3 for us to try out, and it's good fun. FF really made interesting use of the board game elements that they do so well. It needs better quality dice, though. I'll be running a Savage Worlds Gamma World-style session at DunDraCon (SF Bay Area - in February, and I'm thinking of running something Savage Worlds at the Jan 16th EndGame MiniCon ( - always a great event with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of gameplay). SW is great for being able to handle much larger battles than you'd ever attempt with other games. The GM can keep track of wounds and incapacitations so easily, it really lets you stay focused on cinematic action over record keeping. I hope you get to try it out.
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Dec 18, 2009