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Everett Hill
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Racist or prejudiced not an issue if you're stupid enough to leave it on voicemail. End of NFL for Ritchie...bye,bye and good riddance!
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Like Rick Scott a Corporation can't do any time in prison for stealing from the tax payer unless somebody blows the whistle on the person(s) who made the decisions not to ante up or snitches on the thief.
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Not having voted for Gov. Scott does not give me the right to bash him for his policies. Not taking the Federal money was a huge mistake. It took the focus off an area dying for new growth. With the transit rail project on the table Investors start looking up and down for opportunities for growth. New hospitals, schools and related jobs in engineering and computer technology to bolster the rail project and support the thousands of workers the project would have attracted. I'm frustrated and scared! Sorry for the loss of NASA stuff here but these laid off workers have a vacuum that's going to last a while. Get ready for higher crime and desperate actions by the same people who gave up before Obama took office.
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Aug 11, 2011