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Lindsey Cochran
Chicagoland USA
Life's too short for sensible shoes.
Interests: rock music, shoes, clogs, platform sandals, and boots. also mac computers, and dark chocolate. some confectioner online was offering a high-heeled pump made of solid chocolate. i thought i'd died and gone to heaven.
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ood Lord! I didn't intend to take that much time off! Life is never without its surprises, as I'm sure you know if you've taken more than four or five orbits around the sun. Nothing cataclysmic or catastrophic has taken place in my world. And all the people I care about and love are healthy and happily motoring through their lives. But I had a few situations arise at the beginning of the month that demanded more than the usual amount of attention and anxiety I devote to them on a daily basis, and I found myself continually without the... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Every Clog Has Its Day
hat's it spell? That's right. Around these parts, they just wouldn't be clogs without it! ___________________________ Spied recently on Ankle strap clogs from L'Autre Chose Heath wedge sandals from Derek Lam 10 Crosby Jezebel clogs from Ash (with square studs!) Wooden clog sandals from Alexander McQueen Hey, wait! Haven't we seen a design like this before? Why, yes indeed we have! It's our old friend, the Arc Half Moon sandal from John Fluevog. Previously featured on Every Clog Has Its Day here and here and about a dozen other posts. Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
London Lady: You know I'm going to quote you on that!
London Lady: We'd love to see photos of you rocking your new Hasbeens. I just love the thought of cool clog livening up a London street!
London Lady: Yay for savings! You inspire me to do a post sometime about how much I've saved over the years because I didn't pay full price. Keeping ones eyes open for sales can be a wonderful thing. (Just did some needed retail therapy on Friday night and picked up a new cardigan and tee sweater set, a pair of Free People wi-i-i-i-i-ide leg jeans, and a pair of patterned velvet leggings, all on sale at the Nordstrom discount store. Not to mention the Free People tops I found on Tradesy and eBay and the white linen pants to go with the sweater set that I just put a bid in on. New, I would bet this entire haul would have been twice as much.)
Gary: Ha! Let me reconsider my choice of words! "Addicted" definitely has negative overtones. I should have entitled this post "Still Passionate." I definitely don't think an "addiction" to shoes is a condition in need of a cure. If anything, I think my passion for fabulous footwear is one of the things that has kept me energized and engaged with life all these years!
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2016 on Still Addicted! at Every Clog Has Its Day
nce again I find myself fumbling for my credit card. As always, the underlying theme of this blog is: so many shoes, so little time. ___________________________ Swedish Hasbeens Guess who dropped by my inbox to let me know they've put out some new styles? I'm digging the chunkier, higher heel and thicker platform. Especially with the contrasting dark outer sole. In particular the Inge, the Laila, and the Louise caught my eye. And that clog boot. But follow the link to the Swedish Hasbeens website and feel the pangs of desire for yourself. My only disappointment is that Swedish Hasbeens... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
ot that I had any doubt about the fervor of my passion for clogs. Or that you did either. I could spend an entire afternoon just browsing the internet looking at shoes. (And actually have done on occasion.) It's such a pleasant way to pass some time. And it never fails to give me a sense of satisfaction. Because even if I don't end up finding a pair to order, I've usually pushed back the boundaries of my knowledge in this particularly arcane pursuit. And that usually provides me with an insight or an anecdote I can share here. So... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
London Lady: Oh, my! The ramifications of Britain leaving the EU are many. So many changes to contemplate. Please cheer us up and share photos of any new styles you happen to pick up!
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2016 on Ooo! Ahh! Ooo! Ahh! at Every Clog Has Its Day
ime to take a look at the latest delights from the world of wooden goodness. These days, just a casual stroll through the world wide web can have me saying "Ooo!" and "Ahh!" once again. There's lots to explore, if you know where to look. And I thought I'd share some of the latest sightings with you. Thank you, shoe manufacturers of the world, for keeping us furnished with the footwear we fancy! __________________________________ Balenciaga Wooden Platform Sandal You might recall a few months back that I posted about an intriguing wood-soled design from Balenciaga. In fact, I even followed... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
London Lady: Ouch! I well recall having to tone things down after my back surgery years ago. Happily for my footwear fanaticism, I recovered. Studs and platforms are pretty irresistible to me. But even though this style is not within reach for me, at least with Jeffrey Campbell, I know they'll come along with something equally delightful in another few weeks.
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2016 on Unnghhh!!! at Every Clog Has Its Day
Are they not delightful??? Melissa has been squeeing about them herself!
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2016 on New, Novel, and Noteworthy at Every Clog Has Its Day
ood! (If I may be permitted to borrow an exclamation of agreement from hip-hop culture.) This one's called the Horizon clog, and you'll find it on the FP website here. Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
Are they not awesome? The Jeffrey Campbell/Free People plats? I live in hope that JC will come out with their own variation in sizes up to 11 someday. As for the Mohop custom sandal, keep in mind that they're offering to work with you to design and make whatever shoe you crave. Such as a pair of shoes you've seen in a photo and want rendered big enough to fit you. It's a pretty amazing offer, I'm thinking. (But I don't have $1,000 either.)
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2016 on Unnghhh!!! at Every Clog Has Its Day
hat's a exclamation that my partner in clog covetousness, Melissa, and I reserve for shoes that at first glance send a shudder of delight through our total being. No need to sit and contemplate these exceptional designs; the impact is immediate. I had one of those experiences this morning when I happened upon these Jeffrey Campbell exclusives over on the Free People website. Massive wooden platform. Chunky, chunky heel. Sturdy leather upper. Lots and Lots of studs. Unnghhh!!! Live the sensation for yourself here. Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
t's a web that is world wide out there, and every so often, something I haven't seen before emerges out of the pixels on my computer display. You can imagine what happens next. There's a frantic search for the "Add to Cart" button. There's a quick check of sizes available to see if it's a party I'm being invited to. There's the mandatory review of images and details to insure that whatever shoes have caught my eye are actually made of wood. And then there's the scramble to save the URL in some handy location so I can return to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
've been digging this Balenciaga platform sandal ever since I first discovered it on the internet. Which I would assume was only shortly before I posted about it back in December. But as much as this distinctive style puts woodeness and goodness together for me, I wasn't digging it $800.00 worth. Flash forward six months, and there have been price reductions all around. Still, even in my tall size corner of the shoe universe where fun and funky fashionable footwear is few and far between, $400.00 is a lot of money. So I'll just gaze at them from afar. And... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
Dave: Thanks for speaking up! It's always good to hear from one of my silent readers! And I'm glad to know you've got your own assortment of shoes to brighten your days. The goth Mary Janes are not wood soled, but they are pretty cool. The maker is Demonia and the style is Sinister 59, I believe. It's one of several shoes and boots that Demonia has built on that same base. Definitely recommended. I've gotten lots of compliments for those outfits that combine this shoe with skinny jeans as in the photo. The denim mermaid skirt/NYLA bootie combo didn't make it to the office. That was something I threw together to have dinner with Melissa at our local California Pizza Kitchen. But I do get cheered on by my work mates and other building tenants both. Today as a matter of fact I was wearing my Griffin booties from Hades. "How do you walk in those?" is the most frequently asked question I get. Usually I just say I practice a lot. The weather is warm here finally so I have a feeling tomorrow may find me in a pair of leggings and gladiator sandals from Bed|Stu. Or there are those green patent leather Litas I was thinking of trying out with Melissa's hand me down distressed denim skinnies. You know our motto here on ECHID: so many shoes, so little time.
Jan: I thought I recalled that comment from you! The Silje was a remarkable shoe in person. I would have worked it proudly had my toes not protested so much. The newest shoe in my armory that's been generating the most buzz is that goth Mary Jane in the bottom photo. Every time I wear it to work I get compliments. And you have hit upon the way I get dressed every morning. "Let's see, what shoes do I want to wear today?" And the rest of the outfit falls into place after that.
he internet never fails to astound me. Even now after all these years, I still marvel at the things you can find online. But every so often I am dazzled by the sheer breadth and scope of things you can buy online, too. Who knew? The direct link to this eBay listing is here. Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
lame Jimmy Page. Or even more specifically, his bass player back in the day, John Paul Jones. I've mentioned that I'm in a band here in the Chicago. We're a tribute band with a twist. Every couple months we put together a show featuring a new artist. So rather than flogging the same hits each time we take the stage, we work up a whole new set of music. Ambitious? Without a doubt. Exhilarating? You bet. Time-consuming? You don't know the half of it! It takes plenty of focus and energy to make it through my workday in one piece.... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
talian shoe maker Ouigal just came out with an open-toed clog sandal named Carol that you can view and covet for yourself over on It's available in a trio of colors. The pink shoe is "Bubble." The light blue shoe is "Sky." And the clog sandal in natural suede? That's listed as "Phard." WTP? Comparable wooden goodness from Ouigal (but no mysterious terminology) available over on Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
kay, you fans of wood-soled shoes who find yourself in need of tall sizes. A whole set of those crazy platform sandals that Rick Owens created is available in only size 11 over on But they ain't cheap. Sharp-eyed readers will recall that Mr. Owens' Spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection got a belated nod here on ECHID last September. Happy shopping! Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
ust click through to the Chameleon Clogs website to see what I mean! If you need a refresher to bring you up to speed on who and what Chameleon Clogs is, surf on over to these past posts on ECHID. (They may not look like it, but they're clickable links.) Featured Designers: Rabiah Hodges and her Chameleon Clogs Chameleon Clogs...Opens Their Own Factory! Rabiah Hodges and Chameleon Clogs today Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day
ne of my regular readers just dropped a message in my Inbox today directing my attention to the Toms shoes website. Toms is known for their social minded approach to business. As they declare with justifiable pride on their website, "With every product you purchase, Toms will help a person in need. One for one." What my reader and I both found to be cause for celebration was not only the fact that they're offering clogs as part of their product line, but also that they're manufacturing those clogs from a size 5 up to a size 12. Bless you,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2016 at Every Clog Has Its Day