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I apologize if I'm repeating anyone's post, but that is a lot of comments. I have to believe that this system of preferential treatment and conditioned embargoes will catch up with those guilty of perpetuating it. While still a seldom occurrence from the gaming journalists, this isn't the first mention of it, and I think the more that do choose to say something, the sooner it'll come crashing down. Eventually, this nonsense will be come so commonplace that game reviews will either become completely untrusted by the public, or scores will be thrown out of the equation. This might not be happening right away, nor might it be anytime soon, but I do firmly believe that score inflation and marketing favoritism will be the instrument of its own demise. When it comes to game reviews, I don't believe that they're totally untrustworthy or worthless. I approach them from two angles: first I find a group of reviewers that share my feelings about video games and what makes these games fun. For me, fills that need. Second, I take the time to read what reviewers actually write. Not only is the score usually implied, but it creates a much more vivid example of what playing that game will actually entail and, more importantly, if it'll be any fun.
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Apr 21, 2011