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Our only hope now is that Ross comes to the realization he needs to cut his losses early and fire both Ireland and Philbin. It's a business decision. We also have to hope Pittsburgh keeps losing so we can hire Mike Tomlin, who knows how to prepare a team for Sunday. Tannehill is salvageable and I think Tomlin would know how to use him, but if Tanny keeps getting hammered in the pocket it's going to turn him into David Carr.
Maybe they have Thomas on their fantasy team. Conspiracy! Wouldn't that be something though if news broke that a coach was padding a player's stats so he could win his fantasy league?
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Wallace is becoming an irritant. Does he want them to throw the ball to him more so he can lead the league in drops? Start catching the ball and maybe Sherman will consider the request. Tanny dropped a pass right in the bucket on a fly route, cb didn't get a finger on the ball and it bounced through Wallace's hands. Would have been a game changer. Instead he drops passes and runs his mouth. Tell Wallace to take some of his 60 million dollars down to Sports Authority and buy some Stick'um
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Sep 30, 2013