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New York
idler living in new york
Interests: history, italy, books, morocco, animals, gardening
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Yup, seagulls are really so funny. And yes, we really need them in beach scenes. Hope summer is gorgeous in Maine.
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I don't really like seagulls. They are large and beady eyed and steal your food if they possibly can. However you have to admire their moxie. Not a bad fate - standing around in shimmering water. Lori's hydrangeas took quite a battering last endless, freezing, horrid winter so she chopped them back fiercely and now they've returned with a vengeance. Barn red is a classic foil for green. Ah, summer! Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at The World Examining Works
Such beautiful head coverings. I'm sort of agnostic about covering my hair - hats fidget me no end even though I knit them. We all have different spiritual paths to follow - may grace follow you on your journey.
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Barbara Pym is always a winner with such super evocative little details. Jane and Prudence is a treat in store for you!
Two books that spring to mind that are cold, cold, cold are Tess of the Durbervilles (the opening scenes) and the brilliant A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch. On a more cheerful note, a lovely scene in Jane and Prudence (Barbara Pym) where a night is spent in a 1950's vicarage .....and the guest ends up putting her coat and the rug from the floor on the bed...
I have read her fascinating diaries and highly recommend them. Such a mind and such a life so sadly short. A really interesting post!
So gorgeous. Happy midsummer indeed!
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Margaret, So thrilled you like the photo of Mall House/Fairleighy Lodge drawing room - my grandparents' house. Photo shot in about 1952 when the house was about to be sold. So quintessentially English, and, if looked at carefully, a little bit shabby with too short curtains - but there are flowers and books and family photos. The Victorian water colors were inherited by my father.
Danielle of A Work in Progress has written very kindly about my work. Hit the link at the bottom of the opening paragraph to see the whole post! I have a book recommendation for you. Ruth & Gisela by Elizabeth Wix is a wonderful read. It's a mixture of domestic fiction and war story told from the viewpoints of two very different women--one British and one German whose lives will touch briefly and later intermingle in the most unexpected ways. I could imagine it the sort of novel that Virago would publish--particularly one of their older titles with those distinctive... Continue reading
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Jul 11, 2014
Ruth & Gisela is the sort of book I was sad to have finished and as much as the story played itself out just perfectly, I wanted to know more, to have the characters tell me more about their lives, to know how everything turned out after that last page was turned. Elizabeth Wix was kind enough to answer my questions, and so interesting did I find it all, that when I asked her if there was something more I could share about the story, she agreed to drop by here today and guest post. This is some of the... Continue reading
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What an elegant lovely supper! I hope you had cherries for dessert - seems to be cherry season here! Have relaxing weekend!
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The grandchildren keep themselves very busy. playing with yoyos painting abstractmasterworks building cities inspecting the bricks in the patio filling the watering can climbing at the beach and chasing bubbles. Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at The World Examining Works
I could live there too! What a wonderful place to visit.Happy weekend. Hugs.
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What a super spot for tea! I'll look out for it if I'm ever in that part of the world! oxo
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2014 on Red Brick Bakery & Tea Room at A Life of Joy
Welcome home! I bet you will take some time to digest all you saw on your trip. I look forward to more photos. I really only know Philadelpia - I imagine there is lots and lots more to discover. Rest up and have a peaceful and joyous midsummer solstice! HUGS
Dear Em, I think I still say varz rather than vaize, though I have become much more accepting of American pronunciations of things. Eeether, eye-there - nether , nivver-----no longer both me at all. Still a bit perplexed by Veightermins rather than vitamins! Vases are bliss but hard to get leftover stems out of....
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I got terribly bored of looking at the previous nasturtiums... anyway, the roof garden and the tree pits are flourishing -unlike my writing or blogging... I have been smashing pansies but the results are pretty much the same as last year's... These are some bits and pieces from the roof. Light through glass - rather fun. Huge excitement - I bought two tiny vases - about the size they appear in the photos and have taken about a billion photos of them. I am meant to be writing an essay about "Why I Write" hmm.....not very useful when one isn't... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2014 at The World Examining Works
Have a super duper trip over this way! What weird hot/cold weather we have been having. Wishing you the prettiest of early June's here! oxox
stunning EB! oxoxo am linking to you in a post on my NY blog
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Well done, Skylar! And how happy and healthy and altogether gorgeous Bizou looks!
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What a gorgeous color scheme! Hope spring has arrived in Norway at last! Hugs.
How envious I am of your roses! I will visit your site in hopes of seeing some! Extra exotic anemones- I should have bought some!
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The usual foray up to the green market at Union Square. The bliss of nasturtiums and the similarly colored micro mesclun. Ate it for supper and it tasted like spicy hedge clippings. Really can't tell if these are anemones or poppies of some sort. Julia, where are you? It was sunny yesterday. Almost warm enough to sit outside at a cafe. Then it rained. This photo was taken squinting through the chainlink fence of the PennSouth Community garden. I am a complete sucker for Hipstamatic 99cent lenses. This one is called Monti. It makes things look misty and mildly historical.... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2014 at The World Examining Works
Wishing you spring joy! And yes, our pets are our most loyal and lovely friends. Love to Charlie!
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