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New York
idler living in new york
Interests: history, italy, books, morocco, animals, gardening
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You are most ambitious! well done! I look forward to your progress!
I'm so very sorry you are all facing such very serious medical battles. At least the Tinker has you on his team and thank God indeed for the NHS - here in the US people not only have to worry about their loved one's health and well being but also the horrendous bills.
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Hi Charlie! Buster is napping as we wait for the blizzard! Warm greetings from New York.
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Such a wonderful story - so beautifully written. Congratulations on your enduring marriage and a splendid meeting. Both my uncle and grandfather trained at the London- so many Whitechapel stories. My cousin Gilly Norman did her training there . How charming you looked in your curious hat! Warm greetings from New York.
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The best present a balloon which rose in the air A Hello Kitty tee-shirt and the balloon still going up a splendid balloon and then there was cake best of all both together Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2015 at The World Examining Works
So pretty! I feel that the mother and baby in the state are a bit chilly! oxox
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Its aguaranteed winner. Slips down amazingly easily. Happy reading! tel 917 601 1530 To:
I totally gobbled it up! Kate Atkinson breathes life into her vivid characters. Yup a super quick read - go for it! I'm still staggering through my re read of Middlemarch - though I did read Miss Ranskill Comes Home about WW2 which I enjoyed.
Happy New Year, dear Tracy! Yes, let's look forward with joy - and unleash our creativity. The poem is lovely. Snowing here this morning and very cold. Hugs.
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Must try the Cazalet chronicles - never really liked Kingsley Amis - so was put off poor EJH but should give her a try. You are the busiest and best organized reader I have ever encountered. I'm rereading Middlemarch which is a delight - but will take ages. Recently loved Margarita Lasky's Little Boy Lost. Just downloaded Sigrid McCrea's story about hr German mother... Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and HAPPY READING!
A Blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Stateside. You seem to have captured the spirit of the times! I feel that for many of us the original impulse of blogging - to reach out to likeminded friends- has waned a little. We are still ourselves - still creative and searching. Not sure where we are focusing that energy now. I know that I'm loving posting pictures for family and friends on Instagram (biffwix). I keep my list pretty short. Would love to share with you. Hugs and happy travels!
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"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..." Creeper aglow on the seminary wall and more of the same and more and more. A last rose photographed on Veterans' Day. The seminary itself looking spooky... not to mention the contents of a garbage pail spotted this morning. On a cheerier note a still life at home. Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2014 at The World Examining Works
I have heard of this book and now need to read it!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2014 on "I Read as much as I Dare." at A Work in Progress
Happy fall! I manage to love rain - we had lots of it yesterday and I had new rain boots and it was mild so the dog and I had fun. Do hope things are going well with you. Hugs for a wonderful weekend!
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Im afraid Troy is a bounder! tel 917 601 1530 To:
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Dear Em, Yes, I felt a bit guilty giggling at pain....but it was a bit over the top and batty!
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Am finding TheEmperors Tomb much slighter than Radetsky and redoing many of the same themes. Do listen to the actual march (music!) I found I knew it well! Took me ages to get into Madding the first time - theusual sort of wonderful Hardy - people trapped by their circumstances...or stars.... tel 917 601 1530 To:
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2014 on November Reading Notes at A Work in Progress
22 books seems a bit daunting! Good luck ! I'm a big Joseph Roth fan. The Radestsky March is probably his most important book. I've read it twice. Am currently reading The Emperor's Tomb which sorts of follows it. Far from the madding Crowd is a splendid read. HAPPY NOVEMBER!
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While wandering round St.Agnes' convent in Prague, where there is a most splendid collection of International Gothic art, I was struck by the number of most gruesome martyrdoms and the buckets of blood. Yesterday was Halloween. Herewith a few samples... Tears of blood... An unfortunate way to an Edward Gorey sort of way. What do you expect if you kneel right underneath? Looking rather stoical with a nail through the head. Who can He be talking to on his cell phone? Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2014 at The World Examining Works
I'm afraid I'm teasing about the prize! I have no idea what the poster really means -yes, definitely Adam and Eve - but the white coated (evil?) doctor and the woman at the top.Totally batty!
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We were enchanted by Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel - a wonderful, over the top extravaganza of a movie - a mishmash of Mitteleuropa, 20th century history and who knows what else. So we set out in search of somerthing somewhat similar... Prague not Budapest - and not this building (the hotel in the movie was an artificial construct after all). Anyway it should have had a facade like this... But it did have very tall windows. though she graces another hotel of the period. Such splendid Egyptianate tiles in the hall not to mention in the dining room where... Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2014 at The World Examining Works
The Czech National Gallery was an amazing treat because it contained so much that was unfamiliar to me - lots and lots of artists I'd never heard of before - particularly 19th century Czech ones. There are also a couple of outstanding Klimts. The whole place is huge. I started gathering a collection of dark gems. Herewith a sampling: All Soul's Day - I think she is on her way to lay a wreath at the cemetery. She is tending to the battle-wounded, while Miss Ballgown presides over the chaos. Oh no! A traffic accident... Dead, you know... Beware the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2014 at The World Examining Works
I think my favorite Pym is Jane and Prudence - but loved them all. I read Miss Buncle in India - and left it there (who knows who read it after me!) Read Miss Buncle Married in Prague - where I think youve been? Prague was quite wonderful, magical, friendly and very slightly dark too. My husbands ancestral land. He had never been there before. tel 917 601 1530 To:
Add me to the Pym fan club. She has been much neglected. I read her letters and/or diaries somewhere and was most impressed. Utterly readable and very good on her non-stellar love life as a young woman....and her life in general. Am currently reading Miss Buncle Married - a charming fantasy.
Dear Sarah, Google plus us awful....I think I got off it - with difficulty....! So glad to her from you!
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