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Seconded. Homebrew Talk has been an invaluable resource and saved my sanity on multiple occasions.
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I forgot to rehydrate the yeast, skipped a hop addition, used bleach to sanitize everything, and basically did the same thing you did to transfer from primary to bottling bucket because I didn't have an autosiphon. Somehow despite all of my best efforts it turned out to be beer. Not the best tasting I've ever made, but pretty good beer. I think the initial screw-ups, followed by panic and relief, are all just part of a really great process.
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I'd say you probably screwed up a little, but not in a really lasting way. My first batch was a nightmare, and I made quite a few mistakes but it turned out to be perfectly drinkable beer. Let it sit in secondary for a couple of weeks before bottling and just make sure to take gravity readings before bottling. If it is the same three times/days in a row then bottle. Beer is by no means a weak and delicate flower. Be patient and all will turn out well.
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Jul 19, 2011