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Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
Vancouver, B.C.
Alfred's new book, The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse, integrates empirical data from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations and from the intelligent civilizations of souls in the Interlife and demonstrates a new hypothesis of a functioning ecology of intelligence in the dimensions in the Omniverse.
Recent Activity
Part 2-Leuren Moret: Russia protects humanity against Jesuitism, as did Tsar Alexander II (US Civil War) & Putin (Preventing WWIII) YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In Part 2 of an ExopoliticsTV interview series on the secret Babylonian cult now known as the "Society of Jesus" (Jesuits), independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (ABD) discusses the historical role of Russia in protecting humanity against the destructive scenarios of Jesuitism, including the role of Tsar Alexander II in saving the USA during the Civil War to the present day of Vladimir Putin in preventing WWIII. References: LEURENMORET.INFO Part I -... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at
Countdown to Contact - Closing Ceremony: Alfred Lambremont Webre's UFOlogy Award WATCH ON YOU TUBE Countdown to Contact - Closing Ceremony: Alfred Lambremont Webre's UFOlogy Award Continue reading
Kevin Annett: Euro Police join ITCCS take down of Satanic networks in Ndrangheta, Vatican, Monarchies, Cargill Corp. WATCH ON YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State discussed Euro Police raids that freed thirty children from traffickers were based on evidence provided by ITCCS and its recent common law court cases. Police in at least three European nations are now working directly with the ITCCS to track worldwide child trafficking networks that feed children directly into Ninth circle Satanic sacrifices... Continue reading
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Why not watch the interview Emily, get the full context of the discussion around the identity of Lucifer and then comment?
Part 1-Rafapal: Money & god are afflicted memes as Judaism, like Jesuitism, originated in Babylon and Yahweh is Luciferic WATCH ON YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In Part 1 of a 2 Part interview, author Rafapal explores the afflicted... Continue reading
Countdown to Contact: Dr. Geri De Stefano Webre - The Omniverse: One Psychic's perspective WATCH ON YOU TUBE Dr. Geri De Stefano Webre takes us on a fascinating journey into her experiences with ET contactees, psychic energy, and psychology.... Continue reading
Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic elements in Human consciousness WATCH ON YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In this wide-ranging ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author and researcher Mark Passio shares his perspective on transforming that aspect of the... Continue reading
Dear BRICS Alliance & Dragon Family - This is an Open Letter to you to use your considerable resources in a profound humanitarian mission that will also result in the deconstruction of a global war crimes racketeering organization that we can call the "Cabal". Vitamin C, Ebola & the Cabal... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at EbolaGate
EMERGENCY UPDATE: GSK RELEASED 11 GALLONS OF CONCENTRATED LIVE POLIO VIRUS INTO CITY WATER IN BELGIUM GSK is one the leading companies planning to bring out an ebola vaccine. Rupert Murdock is a primary share holder. Read the article to see their list of crimes. AndGSK produces a polio vaccine... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at EbolaGate
FROM NICHOLAS KOLLERSTROM: "3.6 million voted in the Referendum, with apparently 7% more voting No than Yes. Suppose Alfred surmises that 'actually' 3% more voted Yes than No, that is a 10% manufactured swing by vote fraud, i.e. 360,000 fiddled votes. Let's bear in mind that that is a fairly minimal value, of the magnitude of the alleged fraud - if it happened. "The breakup of the United Kingdom would have been so wonderful, but I guess it couldn't be allowed to happen. Scots, always remember how the Union was accomplished - by the Crown hiring an army from Hannover to beat the Scottish clans. Hired mercenaries, that's what did it. The best ,bit of all from a Yes vote would have been Scotland handing back the Trident nuclear submarine to England -and nowhere in England would agree to take it! Let's hope that Sean Connery takes notice of Alfred's case. In sorrow, Nick Kollerstrom"
UK Govt. covert vote fraud denying Scotland Independence is a quantum worse than 2000 U.S. Supreme Court fraud in Bush v. Gore making Bush US President & What to do about it! By Alfred Lambremont Webre VANCOUVER, BC – This article is not about EU, finance, banking, retirement, social welfare... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2014 at BREAKING NEWS
We begin with this news."Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with ‘tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria" ‘As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria. The programme... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2014 at EbolaGate
During the course of practically any viral infection, vitamin C needs go WAY UP, and in the case of ebola, they go SKY HIGH. So high that all conventional wisdom with regard to vitamin C is irrelevant. The dosings I have below are absolute minimums. Remember, that for as long... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2014 at EbolaGate
Mike Adams used to question every "medical" thing the government was doing and saying, from their crushing raw milk dairy farmers to a 700% increase in fetal deaths from the H1N1 vaccine, to the CDC coverup of the MMR vaccine causing autism. But he is pushing CDC and WHO ebola... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2014 at EbolaGate
The following is meant to help the Dekalb County government, all the people who work in it, all the people in the Dekalb County who are near the CDC. And through them as they reach out to other county governments and representatives and churches and friends and family in the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2014 at EbolaGate
9/11 War Crimes Tribunal Judges Alfred Lambremont Webre & Constance Fogal, June 17, 2012 VIDEO - 9/11 Judge Alfred Webre: 9/11 Tribunal in session; Welcomes Witness & Experts’ evidence; Will issue Verdicts WATCH ON YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre of the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2014 at 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal
WATCH ON YOU TUBE Why are the WHO and CDC promoting terror of ebola when vitamin C is a cure for it The WHO and CDC know that ebola kills by depleting the body of all vitamin C. So why are the WHO and the CDC not reassuring... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2014 at EbolaGate
Part I of the Plan for Total Domination of the World - Expolosions Let us start with a coup attempt on the US, a US presidential assassination and a successful US coup, all committed by the same family. Prescott Bush attempted a fascist coup in 1933 His son GHW... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2014 at EbolaGate
Rafapal: Global reset & Iraqi Dinar revaluation starting; End of Fed Dollar & return to U.S. Treasury dollar, BRICS currency; Gold (collateral accounts) coming WATCH ON YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In this ExopoliticsTV interview from Madrid with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Spanish journalist and author Rafael Palacios (“Rafapal”) reveals... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2014 at BREAKING NEWS
Kevin Annett: Common law court to prosecute Dutch crown Satanic child murders; Republic of England founded as Republic of Scotland sought YOU TUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, North American field secretary for the International Common Law Court of Justice detailed... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at BREAKING NEWS
EbolaGate: "The Economist carries a report about the Ebola vaccines, which are currently being fast tracked for use. The report openly states just how dangerous these vaccines are. One contains 'live, replicating viruses that infect cells and carries Ebola proteins to the host.'” ;-) Source: Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at EbolaGate
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at EbolaGate
WHO STATISTICS QUESTIONED: HOW COULD EBOLA DEATHS INCREASE TENFOLD IN ONE WEEK IN SEPTEMBER? In 2009, the CDC did the same sort of thing. They just pulled the darn numbers out of the air, and in the process they created a greater and greater Swine flu bubble, freaking out... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2014 at EbolaGate
Kling & Webre Panel: Positive Timeline deconstructs catastrophic events, Israel's use of 2014-15 Tetra Lunar Eclipses & Saturn-Moon Matrix? WATCH ON YOUTUBE VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV panel, hermeneutics expert and author Peter Kling and futurist and author... Continue reading
EXCERPT: NN: What are your experiences of visiting the extraterrestrial spaceship? SP: Which one? I’m just trying to access my memory bank to decide which one is appropriate for you and the readers... It’s got to be a mantid spacecraft... Continue reading