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Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful
Pasadena, California
Thought leader. Channel. Strategic biz and life coach.
Interests: Being, Self-Expression, the Unified Field/Quantum Physics, Enjoying Life, Energy, the Nature of Reality, Learning, Reading, Food, Painting, Architecture, Channeling, Nature, Growing Herbs, Hiking, Blogging/Writing, Expanding Conversations, Watching Light on Water, Creativity, Ease...
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Karen -- YAY!!! :) So glad to hear it.
Thank you, Brenda! Have a fabulous time, and a wonderful weekend! Love, Meredith
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Hello Beautiful Souls, There is great enthusiasm in your non-physical family of light, for the potential for divine embodiment is expanding. It is such a great pleasure to connect in this way. To know you and to participate in this amazing experience you are creating and drawing forth into form, which is, the leading edge of life on Earth. We in the non-physical, we the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple, we the Angelic, we the Ascended Masters, we your friends in the non-physical, we love this collaboration with you. We are focused upon the perpetual unfolding of Earth and we are invested in this in a profound and substantial way, even if we are not there with you in form, and so we wish to convey to you today, how powerful your choices are, how important your choices are, and how wonderful your freedom is. It is an amazing thing to be in a realm such as you find yourself and to have the capacity for freedom. Of course the use of this capacity can be impaired by many things. It is most important for you to know, that... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Hello Dear Ones, Are you flying high? Are you soaring to new views? Are these elevated vibrations sinking into your way of being? Are you noticing your own energy feels so much better? That's really just more of you being here, you know. It's not US. It's just more and more of YOU. And what makes you more you, is your openness and your alignment. Your permission. Your gradual building of your energy field. It is a powerful thing to contact your own fullness, your own higher vibrational energies. It is a powerful thing in human form to open to your own, higher vibration fields and USE this connection to build your presence. How very smart of you! How very wonderful for everything that is that you have come forth in this way at this time. Don't you know, beloveds, the Universe wants to play with you! The more you embody your own fullness AND, and we say this with great emphasis, the more present you are on Earth, the more you fill out your lower chakras and your body, with the fullness of you, integrating it all through the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2015 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Illumination, coherence, and energy. Welcome! I channel because it's profoundly illuminating. I started writing when I was young -- to articulate insights, express ideas, play with the beauty of words. Now, I write because I know: words are magic. Conscious language is creative. I share these posts with you, with love. Because I know from experience -- the right idea at the right time, can change everything. Explore! Visit the full archive of all posts by title and month/year. In-joy. ~ If you feel inspired to reblog any of this material, I ask simply that you: - Use the article in full, no changes to text and no additions; - Link back to; and If you do these two things, you'll give proper credit because the articles include title, name/channeled by, etc. and so go for it -- you don’t need to get permission first. Furthermore, I am most appreciative of you amplifying this work. Lots of love! Questions? email: photo used with permission © Guliveris Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2015 at Expect Wonderful Blog
The Eclipse Cycle started last Friday, on March 20 with an extremely uplifting Solar Eclipse. This day also brought abundant harmonizing energies to our realm for it was also the Equinox alignment. With these alignments, an arc was initiated that... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2015 at Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Beloved Friends, Today we turn our attention to those you love, to the people closest to you. For some of you those relationships have not tracked with your own growth as well as you might have wished. For some of you, you actually have a void space in what we might think of as your closer relationships for you don’t have closer relationships right now. They don’t exist. For others you have perhaps consciously chosen or unconsciously chosen not to create partnerships or relationships out of a sense that your emotions and you, will settle at some point and then these things will happen and then you will find your tribe. We want to start out our conversation today by saying any way in which you are waiting for something to happen does not serve you. We would also like to say something else and this will be a catalyst for much of what we talk about over the next week together and that is this. Sometimes the reason that you hold yourself back is you don’t have the confidence to create what you really want. Being sovereign is best... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2015 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Ashira Transcript from Live Channeling on 29 January 2015, by Meredith Murphy Introduction from Meredith Hi everyone. Welcome. Today we are to receive a transmission. Let me just tune in. I feel like I am to give you a little guidance before we do the transmission so let me just understand. I’m being told that what I want to explain to you is that you will move into a state of greater knowing as a result of the transmission that will be given today. It’s a transmission of templates of perception that will give you the capacity to relate to life more directly and more clearly. As a result of this you will experience expanded capacities to know things. Your sense of innate knowledge will open up more. We’re talking about this before it’s given because as it begins to open up within you, you may experience this new way of perceiving which gives you access to expanded knowing and you may have a tendency to doubt this. Ashira, who is the transmitter of the energy that we will be receiving today wants it to be clear that you’ll experience an expansion of awareness and an... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2015 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Hello beloved ones. We want to talk further with you today about this invitation to let yourself be fully and purely who you really are. To speak to what this means and how you might explore this more fully, and also to encourage you. By talking more about the context in which you are situated and the ways in which traditionally humans relate to freedom and self-expression and how this is affecting your ascension experience, we believe you will feel emboldened and step forth more fully to explore your freedom. Your capacity to embody the fullness of your being is continually growing. It will continue to expand as your planet and you are on an ascending energy arc. You're rising in frequency and growing more accustomed to this frequency that is higher than where you have been. You're learning through the generation of new functionality in your body, to circulate and flow an increasingly higher frequency energy and to do this more consistently and in a more sustained way. As you know doing this releases lower frequency energy so there is a continual process of recalibration and a re-establishing of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2015 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Greetings beloved friends and welcome. It is time for us to invite you to turn your attention inward. We invite you to place your attention and to orient to the flow of energy entering your field. To close your eyes and place your focus in your energy field so that you can allow yourselves to perceive, notice or sense ... in whatever way arises for you, the vibration, the emanation, the flow of your being. As you are placing your attention on this you’ll realize this is a subtle thing and that’s because higher frequency energies are more subtle. It is higher frequency energies flowing into you purely and directly. The more you turn your inner knowing and attention to perceiving and orienting to these energies the more your capacity to perceive them opens up. With an awareness of the pure energy of you coming into your field and even if you feel that you are simply imagining this, take a deep breath and intend to open further. Be available to receive more. Be aware of the sensations within your physicality that indicate these very subtle shifts created by your... Continue reading
Posted Dec 24, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc Sunday, December 21 is the December Solstice. The Solstice reminds us to live in the present. Whether you find yourself in the Northern Hemisphere noticing the lengthening of days, or the Southern Hemisphere noticing the ebbing of warmth and light, it reminds all of us of the fluidity and flow of this Earthly sphere, this human existence. If you let it, this alignment can let you sink deeply into knowing. Into the soul of you. Into a deep and expansive awareness of your eternal nature, your essence, your Godhead, your light. It is this knowing that, "We are the Light," that can transform our lives, our sense of self, our experience and ultimately our world. Is is the call to the birth of the Christ within the knowing of divine light and love in a most personal and totally intrinsic way. This is what we are nudged into seeing: I am Divine Love made manifest! That means -- wow! -- I am pure love! Yes, lovely, that is what it means. Despite so much of life that tells you how to be and what to be, these are all just distractions. You're already IT.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Hello beautiful beings of light. We greet you in love. Today is an opportunity for you to live as you desire. It’s an invitation. Each moment is an invitation to be free and fulfilled. Each moment is actually a gift you give to yourself by the choice of your presence here and the calling forth of the energy that is source which is expressing as you and you are here in this world in an abundant place in which to explore your existence. What a beautiful thing. In this immense abundance and this expansive diversity one of the principles that assists you in realizing all that you came here to experience and enjoy is the principle of simplicity. We want to talk today a little bit about time and a little bit about simplicity and how they work together and how you might utilize the principles of each to achieve a greater realization of your being. Time does not unfold for the reasons people think or the reasons people may think. Time unfolds for you to specifically and fully relate to yourself. You experience the unfolding of time so that you might know You more deeply, more fully and by... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Beloved friends let us start today by inviting you to turn further inward. To intentionally open you heart by placing your attention there. Attention remember amplifies. It also opens. Then with your attention on your heart gradually allow that focus of your awareness to extend so that you become aware gradually of the field of light that you are, present here. As your awareness is expanding and encompassing the field you are, feel your way into this energy field, this human energy system that is your life. How does it feel to you? What do you notice? Can you sense the rate of vibration in your field? The movement of the very energy that is you. As you imagine and feel this, using your psychic capacities to notice and perceive whatever you notice and perceive, what if you just turn it up right here right now? What if you just turn up the rate of vibration? What if you turned up the frequency of your energy? Do that now and raise it at whatever rate you feel comfortable to. Whatever speed appeals to you as a new state of being.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
artwork by Hugh Nimmons (mandalamann on Facebook) Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Hello, Beautiful Ones, We join you today in a field of openness and love. And so it is, that you are present for each moment. Do you realize this fully? Do you find yourself able to respond to what presents in a way that is free and spontaneous? Without overriding it with your thinking? Can you allow yourself, and trust yourself, to relate to life directly and openly? These are subtle things to feel in your life, but worth observing. Do you assert an idea, an approach created in your mind, at the moment? Can you shift into your heart and create more spaciousness, more openness, more flow, more presence? Are you letting your participation arise from being met by the moment and life unfolding? Can you trust that your own energy field is creating the perfect sequence, regardless of how it may show up, or what you expected, and be one with life by embracing what is? What we wish for you to see in all this, is that the moment presents to you for awareness. It comes into your consciousness, so... Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Telepathic Transmission – 19 October 2014, Daily Message Day 11 This transmission was given as part of the Focus Fest: Generating Pure Presence. For details on upcoming Soar Fests click here. _ Hello beloved friends. Today we wish to speak of new beginnings. You are in the midst of generating a very powerful new beginning. You are experiencing new beginnings frequently in your life but you are approaching a very powerful new beginning. The theme of new beginnings is in the air and we want to talk today about the incredible positive energy of this and also about your awareness of your own experience as a means of generating more unlimited experiences. You are becoming more fully present. That creates a new beginning in your lives. You are becoming more concentrated in the present moment and that is altering the potentials of what’s available to you. Now there are more and more pathways open to you. How you choose? How do you deepen your experience? How you select the pathway that will give you the greatest joy? How you know which way to go amidst so many options. We spoke... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Telepathic Transmission – 27 September 2014 Note: this transmission was given on Day 20 of the Power Soar Fest -- a 21 Day Program open to everyone. For more details, click here. Beloved friends, Today we invite you to ignite within yourselves a new brilliant dawn. Let today be a beginning unmet before now. Let your lives show you this brilliant newness and the infinite possibilities available in each moment. Let the fullness you are present to you a sequence of harmonics through the unfolding of the moments of your day that swell in beauty and love rising and may you feel within each of these moments exquisite joy. This is your potential, your birthright, your capacity made manifest. This is love made manifest through your focus and alignment facilitated by you as you’re allowing. We realize that these moments draw you forth into more and more expansive imagining and aspiration and thus we share them. Yet we share them too because they are intimately real, always available in this now. Each moment is even more than the clear slate you are learning to allow yourself to realize. Each moment... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from the Elohim of Light Channeled by Meredith Murphy Telepathic Transmission – 24 August 2014 Note: this transmission was given on Day 20 of the Unconditional Love Soar Fest -- a 21 Day Program open to everyone. For more details, click here. Greetings, divine beings of light. We herald with you this new day, this new day of becoming. It is within you now, the new creation. The seeds of this new creation are within you now. The template of light that you have ignited for love is within you now. It is the new capacity of humanity you have planted, you are lighting up and emanating. It is the new capacities for love that you are transposing into this realm, into this sphere of existence so that all might see and understand the capacity for love in the material. The realization of this light in form is a powerful series of expansions. It is not a singular event. It is undulating and happening rhythmically in layers. It is this type of creativity which we are extremely facile with and experienced with, in which we come to share the benefits of with you today. Through creating layers of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Telepathic Transmission – 3 July 2014 Note: this transmission was given on Day 3 of the MONEY Soar Fest -- a 21 Day Program open to everyone. For more details, click here. Hello, beautiful friends. It is with great joy that we reconvene in this moment of shared focus and expansion. We are delighted that you are rethinking your relationship to imagining in response to our invitation yesterday, after having declared your desire to experience a clear state. This desire to experience a clear state beyond all previous knowing of money was very powerful in your imagining yesterday for many of you. We marveled at how simple your imagining yesterday became more expansive. Learning to imagine that which you have not yet experienced, and feeling tremendously good while you imagine it, is a great gift to yourself. We want you to really take that in. Learning to imagine that which you have not yet experienced, even briefly, and feeling tremendously good while you imagine it, is a great gift to yourself. You will want this capacity to think of and see in your mind’s eye, and to feel throughout your body... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from Ashira, and the Elohim of Grace Channeled by Meredith Murphy Telepathic Transmission – 15 May 2014 Hello Dear Ones, Greetings from beyond this realm of focus. We come forth in this time of peace to share with you, greetings from the future. It is we who rose up within you, stretching forth across time to herald the new age and draw all into it's fold. It is we who know within you all that you are and all that you have experienced, for we are you. In a further expression, an expression of peace, a fulfillment of this new age. It is within your memory, this knowing, for time is simply a construct. So you can tap into this knowing and use it, as confidence. It is imperative now, that you seize your confident knowing and express as you are. Each of you has such beautiful harmonics to bring forth and weave into the living tapestry of light which is Earth. It is for you, to find your way into the heart center of your desires and let yourself flow. As this flow, you will remember all that you are. It will come forth through you, into... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog
Message from Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy Telepathic Transmission – 8 April 2014 (This transmission is given members of the Legion of Light, and I was guided to also share this publicly, so support our collective participation in April 2014.) Greetings Dear Friends & Family of Light, This new wave of light weaving within our midst and upon your planet is the stuff you've been waiting for, for a long while. It is the energy of your essence, transmitting to you from within and being met from without, in accord. There is a powerful resonance of being taking place and for many of you, who for so long have not yet felt at home on Earth, this will change all that. There is a homecoming happening energetically, and you can easily feel it within your heart. It's enough to move you to tears, some of you, as this fuller knowing of who you are comes together. Regardless of how you respond to this energy the energy itself is realizing your deepest aspirations for life on Earth, dear ones. These are very dear hopes, and long-held visions for participating, for evolving, for collectively creating and for uplifting Earth and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2014 at Expect Wonderful Blog