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Oh my god, my knees are knocking together in anticipation!!! Me want! Me want!
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This is a great bit of advice, and something that really rang true with me as I'm getting back into the industry after six years away. Thanks Wil - I really appreciate it and will try and remember it not only when I audition, but when I go to class as well.
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Hey Wil. I get that same flashback when I see x-wing fighters. Me playing with my friend's craft, totally off in another world (no pun intended). That and seeing the ads for Boba Fett's ship, complete with a frozen Han Solo to put in the trunk. LOL BTW, also saw your turn as Walter tonight. Well done, my friend. Eydie
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2006 on Grand Slam 2006 - Day One at WWdN: In Exile
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That is entirely too funny. I have vivid memories of playing Donkey Kong in our family friends' spare bedroom on their Colecovision, and playing Gorf on a good ol' Commodore Vic 20. I can't imagine how much time I wasted on those silly games! That and pinball.
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