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Hey, I don't know if this posts are still up and running seeming that the last message was 2009. But I'm a graduate and much interested in programming, been reading mostly all comments and agree to some more than others. The common saying practise makes perfect is prob the best way to describe progression as many people have stated within this article. I've been studying C through Uni and now have started learning C# and find this language ever so interesting, but having said that although I'm still learning C# and cant program like a proper programmer would I be classed as a "not a good programmer", and should give up noW? or given time through learning the concepts and techniques of OO C# language will I learn to adapt through practise of writing coding? I hate to read that someone may say your either a programmer or not, because its like saying I should spoke english fluently when I was 2 years old.... Anyway hope someone could get back to me, give a new programmer some "programmer to programmer" advise ;) Anks
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Jun 7, 2010