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Huh. I hadn't recognized his voice at all. It's a lot more "breathy" than how he speaks on Mad Men. I totally agree about the cognitive dissonance between the actor and the message, but for me it occurs on a broader scale. Whenever I *first* recognize a celebrity's face or voice, it throws me out of the current experience for a moment. I'm okay if I go into an experience already knowing who the actors are; it's the moment of recognition that throws me.
ToolGirl, I love these instructions and sooo appreciate that you took the time to write them. However, I found a minor error. Your offsets for the liner pinned to the curtain fabric are backwards. It should be a 2" diff at the bottom and a 1.5" diff at the top. If your offset is 2" at the top, a 1" double-fold at the top of the curtain fabric would come up to the liner but not actually overlap the top of the liner.
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Mar 19, 2011