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I must admit that when I bought my PC, it was 2009 and I've spent two months of my gross salary on monster-PC. I did upgrade it a few times since then, from Vista to Windows 7, 24 GB RAM, Intel Qeon Quadcore, 1.5 TB harddisk, NVidea with 1 GB of RAM and lots more. But then again, I use this system to render my own artwork, which requires a lot of processing power. And, as a software developer, it's also a very practical system to do my work. Actually, it's powerful enough for me to even combine those two tasks! And these tasks are where PC's will still be needed. But then again, I also have a few mobile devices. A phone with Windows Mobile which I use to call people, a small tablet with Android 2.3 which is nice to read ebooks from, a bigger tabler with Android 4 which I bring with me on the road so I can browse anywhere and a netbook with Windows 7 and touch-screen for experimental purposesn. I also have a 20-inch laptop but that's a bit of an antique, older even than my desktop. Still works fine with modern software, though. And I have two mini-desktops and one is my webserver and the other a test-system for development. (And backup server in case my webserver breaks down.) Thus, I am definitely not an average user. And most readers of this blog aren't average users either. The "mundanes" don't want no more desktops, no more PC's. They want tablets that they can bring with them, that are completely wireless with a touch-screen and a nice bag to carry it in. So yeah, I can see how the PC is disappearing, becoming less and less interesting for the mundanes while the experts still need them... I fear sooner or later, the prices for desktops will rise to a point that even experts can't afford them without looking for cheaper mobile alternatives. That moment is not today, though...
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on The PC is Over at Coding Horror
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Oct 1, 2012