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Tiffany Trimble-Gardner
Portland, Oregon
peachy greyish purpley blues
Interests: faith, lupus, cooking, children, family, art, music, bravery, healing, jesus radicals, midwifery, nannying, native american culture, home life, enneagram, gardening, herbs, love, friendship, bible, walks, pine trees, candles, decorating, hoping, hopping and skipping.
Recent Activity
i am getting inspired by one of my favorite female monks, Macrina Weiderker, to write haikus. She says we need to reflect back into our memories, good and painful, and find the precious healing opportunity offered to us there... she encourages writing haiku to help capture the gold. this season... Continue reading
i go to the desert to think to feel to follow the example of finding out what i'm made of. i am a weak and fragile creature seeking my Creator. so i lay me down in the desert cover my bones in sand becoming one with the mystery of millions... Continue reading
mollye? is thats you? arielsings? it looks like you in the photo... hm. yes. i do feel like a toddler. i love toddlers. i use to be a preschool teacher, oh, do i loooove me some toddlers. toddlers cry. get so frustrated. are so eager to learn. are so full of wonder. don't do everything perfectly. sometimes poop their pants. get long naps. fits of laughter are common. they need alot, yet they want to do it on their own. yes. i feel like a toddler again.
thanks sooz~ i really appreciate the comment and support. i secretly stalk you sometimes and just marvel at how amazingly lovely your little (well, many, but small bodied) family is. i'm so happy for you! thanks again for reading. i love you! big time.
i've decided- giving "labs", as they call them, is more traumatizing than the doctors and phlebotomists like to acknowledge. jesse is sitting to next to me in the laboratory waiting room, peacefully reading his new thomas merton book, while i am practicing deep breathing in efforts to align myself to... Continue reading
i'm not sure if its easier to know, or not know- after a wonderful weekend retreat at my in laws in Zig Zag I am beginning to wonder if I over did it. Upon coming home I've found a new rash- that is turning into the famed 'discoid rash' of... Continue reading
i'm not sure when i wrote this, it's at lease a couple years old- but it seems that i had help writing it for such a time as this... Continue reading
and how badly do I ache to hear You sing my song, Oh Lord. I keep asking myself how I got here. And I realize that some of my closest friends don't even know yet. I will share the story here so that those that want to know can feel... Continue reading
its 4:43am. instead of cuddling my warm hubby I am starting a blog. 'well, its kind of late and kind of cliche, isn't it, Tiffany?' and my answer to that favorite shadow bully of mine is 'yes but i can't sleep and I think I need an new creative outlet... Continue reading
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Sep 2, 2011