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14. Long press anywhere on the desktop, choose Shortcuts, then Directions. This will let you create a shortcut to your (or any) address. You can create one for home, one for work, a temorary one for the hotel yr staying at on vacation, etc. Tapping the shortcut will bring up turn-by-turn nav to that location from your current location.
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The widget is part of HTC's Sense UI that they built to sit on top of the OS for many of their Android phones. Try Beautiful Widgets for a nice facsimile of the flipclock/weather widget. It will use your location for weather (tho you can also add a location manually for it to use as a fallback if it can't determine yr location (e.g. if you have gps & cel tower location turned off.)) Beautiful Widgets comes with several widgets; the one you're describing is the Beautiful Home widget.
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Dec 8, 2009