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Beasley needs to be in during the crunch time. Especially when the team is struggling to score. This is beginning to be a joke, and a very bad one at that. Posted by: king canes | January 25, 2010 at 10:47 PM Haslem was money in the 4th quarter. Did you even watch the game? They'll probably replay it later tonight
Sure, the team wins by 27 and it is all on the coach and has nothing to do with really hot shooting. Posted by: helium | January 25, 2010 at 10:37 PM Sure, but when Miami loses by 1 point to the two best teams in the league with Wade missing free throws in the closing seconds, it's all the coach's fault, even though he had his team in position to win both games but they lost because its best player missed freebies, tried a behind the back pass, elected to shoot a fadeaway instead of aggressively attacking the rim. It's a two way street, to blame the coach after a loss like tonight is misplaced frustration, faulty thinking, like the alcoholic dad who has a bad day at work then comes home and hits the same sibling he always hits, even though the kid had nothing to do with his dad's anger. That's how the clique on this blog treat Spoelstra everytime they are unhappy with the result, yet when they like the result, nothing good is ever said about the same coach. It's a lose-lose, an example of being prejudiced, favortism, being biased at its finest. And it will never change, never has throughout history
hard to beat a loaded team like orlando with a scrub like mo williams as your second best player. Posted by: TylerD | January 25, 2010 at 10:37 PM Anyway you try to rationalize it Lebron failed when it mattered the most, didn't get the job done when he needed to, when he was favored to. The games shouldn't have been as close where Mo Williams's performance mattered as much as it did. If he would have simply attacked the basket like he is capable of he would have fouled Dwight Howard out of every game, Cleveland cruising to the Finals.
How many NBA games has Spo played in compared to Snow? Posted by: Adam | January 25, 2010 at 10:34 PM Snow is the biggest running joke on TV, anything he says I believe the opposite
Someone really needs to press Spolestra cause it is getting to be comical. Posted by: Alan | January 25, 2010 at 10:32 PM Miami just won its last 3 games by an average of 27 PPG. I agree, those were pretty comical games considering the spreads. If not for Wade missing free throws late Spoelstra beats LA in LA and Cleveland, the two teams barring injuries headed to the Finals
Eric Snow just killed Spo for not knowing how to run an offense. Posted by: Adam | January 25, 2010 at 10:27 Uh oh, Eric Snow, basketball legend and icon, future first ballot hall-of-famer criticizes the coach. Tomorrow Spoelstra will get fired because Snow is respected so much by the basketball community, whatever he says matters the most of course
because lebron plays with scrubs. Posted by: TylerD | January 25, 2010 at 10:24 PM If that's really true those "scrubs" were good enough to earn Cleveland a 40-1 record at home and homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. The only difference between the 40-1 team and the team that lost to inferior Orlando in the playoffs in 6 games with homecourt advantage is Lebron's inability to play at his highest level when pressure is at its highest, not really debatable
Kobe and Lebron hit their FTs in the clutch. Posted by: Ninja | January 25, 2010 at 10:21 PM easy
That's twice Wade's free throw misses cost Spoelstra a win vs the two best teams in the league in the Lakers and Cleveland. Oh well, at least the coaching has gotten much better since losing to Boston
Spotard - rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory. Posted by: WadeLikesHisShots | January 25, 2010 at 10:17 PM Coach can't hit free throws, coach didn't try a behind the back pass with the game on the line, coach didn't shoot a fadeaway instead of taking to the rim at the buzzer. Our players lost the game, not the coach. You said nothing good about the coach the previous 3 wins by an average of 27 PPG, so go phuck yourself
Final Score: Wade 1 Title all by himself, Lebron 0 Titles, swept in the Finals, lost to Orlando without Jameer Nelson in 6 games with homecourt advantage
Posted by: FMB(Heat reflects Spo - SADLY) | January 24, 2010 at 10:49 PM You're a joke, and a idiot, and a coward. Kevin Durant can miss the playoffs, make the playoffs, either way it means absolutely nothing in the scheme of his career. As he gets older he will definitely make the playoffs, definitely get past the first round, definitely will make it to the conference finals, and eventually make it to the finals. It cannot be debated, he is simply that good, he will always be able to shoot over every player at his position, he's the most gifted athlete besides Lebron the NBA has ever seen. If somehow he does make the playoffs this year it will be one of the biggest accomplishments in NBA history, considering expectations and experience of his supporting cast. I'm rooting for him to do well because he is a breath of fresh air, somebody with all the talent in the world yet at the same time isn't a punk. When it's all said and done he might be one of the top 10 players of all time. Instead of disagreeing I would just agree, I remember getting laughed at by everybody to the point where every single post was about how ridiculous it was saying Monta Ellis would be a top 10 player in the NBA, or that Miami would never get Jermaine O'Neal, that Toronto wouldn't make the playoffs last year, that Phoenix would never trade for Shaq, that Boston wouldn't beat LA in the Finals, that Golden State would beat Dallas in the first round, when I said Durant should be taken ahead of Oden, etc, etc, etc. When I make a bold prediction and you go against it, you are going against the grain. Basically, when I make a bold prediction, and you go against it, you are wrong. KD will be the 2nd best player in the NBA for the next decade, he already is and he hasn't even scratched the surface yet. Yep
You have to have been born with 100% hate in your blood to say one bad thing about Kevin Durant. I mean to actually say what he's done means nothing if he doesn't make it to the playoffs, wow, I've heard some pretty stupid things in my life but that definitely is by far the dumbest sports comment I've ever heard. Was Oklahoma projected to make the playoffs this year? What did they have, 23 wins last year? 6 of their 9 rotation players have been in the NBA 2.5 years or less. Durant has scored over 30 in 15 of 17, he had Oklahoma 6 games over .500 last week, he plays in the Western Conference. Oklahoma has already beaten Orlando by 28 points, they've won at Atlanta, they've won at Phoenix, they've won at San Antonio, they've lost at Dallas by 1, at Cleveland by 1, and lost to the Lakers twice by 3, once in overtime. Durant has Oklahoma in position to make a playoff run, he's doing everything you can ask any player ever to do out on the basketball court night in night out, has a great attitude and conducts himself like a 10 year veteran despite only being 21. He attacks the basket and gets to the line, he can shoot over any player in the league that tries to guard him, his team plays great defense consistently and they play every game hard. There's nothing else Kevin Durant could be doing better in the scheme of basketball and life yet a few phags that were born with hate in their blood want to try to sell him short with some bullshyt comment about until he makes the playoffs he's done nothing. Gimme a phucking break idiot, it's pretty obvious that as long as he is healthy he will eventually make the playoffs, whether it happens this year or not means nothing considering he is 21 years old. Why don't you go to a football blog and go hate on Payton Manning or better yet go hate on Albert Pujols on a baseball blog. Man, some people, whoa
1. Durant is this years "Mayo" i.e everyone is pulling on his dyck to no end. "most naturally talented player the NBA has ever seen" How stupid is this comment? Ridiculous? Ludicrous? Outrageous? Which one? Pick one they all work for describing this stupidity. Posted by: FMB(Heat reflects Spo - SADLY) | January 24, 2010 at 11:12 AM Umm, Durant has scored over 30 in 15 of his last 17 games and is shooting over 50 percent doing it. He's got to the free throw line over 15 times multiple times this year. Mayo? What are you talking about?? Durant is a 6'10 wing man and is 21, something anybody who knows anything about basketball would be excited about. Mayo?? What are you talking about??
Durant is the 2nd most valuable player in the NBA after Lebron, 3rd at worst after Kobe, and that's not even debatable. He's scored over 30 in 15 of his last 17 games and his doing it at a 50% clip, just had a mediocre team 6 games over .500 before losing to superior Cleveland and on the road to Memphis. KD has a skill set that the NBA has never seen, if Portland knew Durant would eventually be taller than Oden there's no doubt they would have drafted him. There are no words that can describe how good Kevin Durant is as a player, MJ, Lebron, and Shaq are the only 3 players in NBA history that have started their careers with more of a splash, if not for playing in Oklahoma City, a cowbell town he'd be getting alot more recognition. The only thing I'm waiting to see is for him to develop more of a killer instinct and I think that will develop in time once he gets smacked around in the playoffs a few times. Tweeting to Lebron congratulating him after he just lost to Cleveland by 1 point is not what I want to see from the most naturally talented player the NBA has ever seen. He'll learn though, he's still in the honeymoon period of his career
Ever since Arroyo decided to dribble the clock out at the end of a first quarter instead of launching it from half court with a good 2 seconds on the clock, he's been as good as dead to me. Being that he has diminshing skills, you shoot the half court shot in any scenario to help your team win instead of playing stupid and running the clock like Dorn in Major League, worrying about his contract and three point percentage
Dude Arroyo phucking SUCKS!!! For all Chalmers's mistakes he's still more valuable out there because he can make plays, can get big steals leading to fast breaks and momentum swings, also can hit 3 pointers in big spots. Arroyo brings nothing to the table, our team isn't talented enough where we can afford to have a player out there in our starting lineup who doesn't excel on either end of the court and just doesn't make mistakes. Phuck that, he sucks, when he's out there the defense gives him no respect on his jumper, allowing them to cheat and double team Wade and Beasley, Chalmers on his worst day is still more valuable than Arroyo on his best, Chalmers can make plays from time to time, Arroyo is incapable of that, plus he's slower, and has a piss poor attitude
The bottom line since acquiring Rafer Alston, the first point guard we've had this year that has a pulse, Miami has won 4 games it was favored to lose, has been favored to win twice and has won both of those games by 30 or more. I was down on the coaching for a minute there but based on the team's performance since acquiring Alston, I am giving him a clean slate. Arroyo and Chalmers were so bad that I blame Riley more than Spoelstra for not having the insight to get a better point guard to start the season. Despite not having a capable pg Spoelstra was still able to win 9 games he was favored to lose. Hopefully everybody should be starting to realize that it was Riley's fault more than the coaching for getting off to such a bad start, you can only coach so much, at some point having a black hole at pg will catch even the best of coaches. The most important thing is that it is clear the players still respect the coach on some levels, every chance they have had to fold up they haven't. A victory over a team like Cleveland on Monday which should be very possible can be the type of win that ignites a winning streak. Most importantly it seems Wade and Beasley have developed a chemistry out there for the first time, with Dorrell Wright contributing as well, it's a beautiful thing to watch. Finally even before last night's game started there was a new energy in the arena, the players looked like they all were dying to play, to have fun, knowing that there was no way they were going to lose to the inferior Kings. I like the way things are going right now, I knew the Charlotte loss would be nothing more than an abberation, playing the East's best home team rested on a back-to-back. All that said, Miami WILL beat the Cavs on Monday. Wade is peaking right now, with no Mo Williams, Miami gets the W.
What coaching? He still sucked but Wade overcame this almost all by himself. He can be that good. Posted by: cruicruise | January 24, 2010 at 01:16 AM Exactly, this is exactly the kind of idiotic behavior I'm talking about. When you think about it if not for the coach you all would have nothing to complain about. This person didn't go to the game tonight. But yet he thinks he has the right to complain about the coaching in a 31 point win. Stop posting, the Miami Heat do not want you as a fan. Really, if any of them read your post they'd say the same thing. So why root for them?
Miami has won its last 3 games by an average of 27 points per game. No other team in the league has done that this year. Funny though, I don't see one post saying what a great job of coaching Spoelstra did during those 3 wins. But the one loss all I saw was every post saying the coach is to blame and that he should be fired. That's phucking bullshyt. If you're gonna piss and whine about coaching everytime the Heat loses, and not give any credit to the coaching when Miami blows teams out, then you are worthless, prejucided fans. Look in the mirror if this applies to you, ask yourself how many games you've been to this year. Maybe you're the problem
Sacramento has beat Denver twice, lost to the Lakers, the best team in the NBA twice at the buzzer, won at Utah, lost to Cleveland in OT, all that without their best player,so when u say it will be closer than it should it be, it's like saying the Lakers, Cleveland, Denver, and Utah suck. What you really mean is I'm a Miami Heat hater and will use every opportunity I get to shyt on their franchise
I told you azzholes don't look much into the Charlotte game. Sure enough, I'm right again. But do the ones that called for the coach's job when the Heat lose say one thing good about him when they win by 24 on the road? Nada, silence, crickets..Grow a spine, or some balls rather, stop being prejudiced and stop acting like little phags
And dude the Bird thing was a joke, you're certainly not the sharpest of bloggers
Durant is good because he's a pure scorer, and even though it sure helps him to be tall, it is not what makes him so good. Posted by: oxygen | January 22, 2010 at 01:06 And you're the one calling people idiots. Dude, don't talk, ever. Some people get it, some people don't, you don't, its not worth my time trying to explain basics to you
I don't know why anyone thinks we have any chance of getting Lebron, even a 1% chance? We're not getting him, no phucking way, it's stupid to even think that we could. Even speaking of it is just a pathetic attempt by Riley to justify ripping our franchise apart, giving everybody false hope when there is none. Can we please get someone who knows what they're doing to run our franchise before we end up like the Suns, wasting the best years of one of the best players to ever play his position?