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Guelph Ontario Canada
Technical Project Leader and Agile Advocate
Interests: Stuff
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Jeff, Thank you. This blog article described my life perfectly. I graduate from College/University back in 2005, and even that was an ordeal with dropping out. After many years of working odd jobs, mainly call-centers, in southern Ontario, I was given the suggestion of using my computer science degree and become a code monkey - at least coding is easier than being yelled at by strangers. Of course after three more years of community college I graduate during a recession. Now don't get me wrong, I was good at programming, I just didn't enjoy it. And even in a recession where computer jobs were still growing I couldn't find my place. I eventually landed a menial html email template writing job and an internet marketing firm and I couldn't keep it because the repetitive nature of programming drove me insane. Fortunately I moved into a technical documentation role, that grew into project coordination, and now I am a certified ScrumMaster. I have the unique skill of motivating teams to adopt processes that will improve their productivity. I am now moving into product management, because in addition to coordinating projects, I want to understand the market's needs and build products people want to buy. At this point I still don't enjoy coding. I code with the team, in addition to do everything from DevOps to Enterprise Architecture. Pair programming makes it much more bearable. I came across this article because I am trying to move into the start-up environment and I was hoping this article would motivate me to be passionate about coding. Well it didn't do that, but fortunately I feel there are other people like me out there. I have faith I'll be a better coder eventually. Thanks for the amazing article, Fareed
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Jul 31, 2013