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Farhang Kassaei
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It depends what type of productivity is measured and how it is used (and by whom). I agree that defining and measuring productivity per developer (micro-productivity) is next to impossible, they are simply too many variations, it is like measuring the total distance a soccer player runs during a game - it does not matter. However there is notion of macro-productivity (much like what economists measure for each country). But it has to be measured as an aggregate and has to be used to improve the overall software engineering discipline in a unit (not to judge individual performance by). One simple (or simplistic?) was is to divide unit of output (one application - I know we don't even agree what an application is :-) divided by input (developer*hours). It is crude, and it MUST not be used as an absolute measure, but if it is measured for the same team building three, four applications, it gives you a good indication of how your platform (tools, processes, libraries, runtime etc.) enables your people (or conversely how effectively your people utilize your platform)
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Mar 17, 2011