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Andy Farrell
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The stupid tiny 'next page' buttons in so many forum designs is one of the main things that make my own forum software with nice big easy-to-click buttons: I used buttons because as some have said, auto-loading stuff can be a bit annoying, and feels like you're not really in control of the app/page. Regarding an earlier commenter's point about overloading on HTML elements, I don't think removing elements from the front of the queue would be a particularly arduous task, and browsers are pretty good at handling large numbers of elements, though obviously it depends on the complexity and content of each new 'page' of items – for a forum consisting of mostly plain text, I would guess a user would get bored long before putting any significant strain on the rendering.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2012 on The End of Pagination at Coding Horror
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Mar 28, 2012