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Thank you so much! I managed to install selfoss with lighttpd before, but not with Apache. You notes were really helpful! Several informations are missing on the official website (for example the part with the AllowOverride All) as they probably consider everyone know this kind of stuff...
I've read most of the comments, it's funny how everyone promote their own favorite markup. Don't worry, I'll do the same, soon. I'd like to share your enthusiasm for Markdown. Hey, Markdown is almost everywhere: on tumblr, on stackoverflow, on github... It mostly pleases geeks over normal people, because very few "normal" people enjoy using any specific markup for formatting text, but anyway, Markdown share a big part of the small market of the lightweight markup langages. I don't really enjoy Markdown. Probably I feel a bit jealous of this success, especially when, like Toby said, there are technically superior alternatives, but they are eclipsed. Yes, Markdown is fragmented: too many versions and derivatives. Why? Simply because the default Markdown lacks options and possibilities. You can't even strike-through with Markdown, so they proposed to add < del > (which is html) for this purpose. Since I don't enjoy writing HTML, I don't really want to encumber my texts with HTML tags in a lightweight markup, which is supposed to get rid of HTML. Also, I don't like the regular Markdown markup: single symbol such as * or _ can often mixed up with what you need to type (contrary to double symbols such as //, ** or __). People of the Creole project spent quite a long time to rationalise the "most logical" Wiki markup (see It's very good, unfortunately they didn't even mention txt2tags, which 90% of Creole is looking alike. Besides, Txt2tags is much older than Creole (and than Markdown as well) and Creole doesn't cover all possible user case, so it can't really be a common wiki langage for all the others: you can't underline in Creole, seriously. Some people will probably claim it's not "semantically correct" to use underline, or to talk about italic when it should be called emphasis. The good new with txt2tags is that you can redefine almost everything (input and output) because there are a builtin preprocessor and a postprocessor (using regex). So you can conceive new markup, or change the default output (for example < strong > instead of < b >), just with a single pre/postprocessor, and it will remain a valid, standard Txt2tags file. No need to create a "git flavored markdown" or a new derivative. Well, I favor txt2tags, but I think something should be done so choosing reStructuredText, or Txt2tags, or Markdown, or Asciidoc shouldn't be compulsory nor prevented, and everyone should be able to choose one favorite markup and use it everywhere. TextWheel could be an option, but the code hasn't been touched since 2009.
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2012 on The Future of Markdown at Coding Horror
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Dec 25, 2012