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NJM, yeah as soon as I wrote that I realized it was ridiculous. I was just grasping at somebody a notch about Wilson. Peralta is probably overrated anyway; wouldn't want to pay what it would actually cost to get him.
Gomes-- I don't know anything about him other then a quick look on Prospectus this morning and he looks like nothing special. They project him as a .250 hitter with like 10 homer power. I'd take that if he was an outstanding fielder, but it doesn't sound like it.
derman -- I don't Jack Wilson an upgrade from Lowrie? I hadn't thought of a candidate, but I was thinking a notch better than Wilson. Maybe Peralta if the Indians went on a fire sale? I realize they wouldn't be interested in Penny, but maybe we could package Lowrie and a pitching prospect for him. I'm not really familiar with Wilson's defense, and that's what I'd like to see most. I miss Alex Gonzalez.
Everyone's saying that this is a ludicrous deal for Philly, but it's not any great shakes for the Sox. We already have two versions of Jason Donald in Nick Green and Jed Lowrie. Donald is a career util. player, just like Green and Lowrie will be. I'd rather see us try to package Lowrie and Penny for an overpaid SS closer to the deadline once Lowrie's healthy.
I agree, but more because Tony isn't that good. There's a reason we drafted Giddens AND Walker. I've never liked the "he's not a Celtic" mentality, for the record. It's like all the "true Yankee" arguments about Jeter and A-Rod. Totally meaningless.
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