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Pamela: Why do you waste time, effort and funds on San Francisco, a third world hellhole which is beyond help. I sincerely doubt there's but a handful (if that) of normal people in that forsaken place. Let it die a natural death and spend the money where it will do some good -- in a liberal enclave you're able to salvage. San Francisco is GONE!
Sorry, but I shed no tears for these missionaries, do-gooders, and others who despite the extreme danger and STUPIDITY of traveling to these hellholes do so. Like Rachael Corrie, who was squashed defending Palestinian savages, they got exactly what they should have expected to get from the Mooslim savages.
There cannot be and should not be ANY sanctuary for these savages. Israel should seek out and destroy them wherever they are, whether they seek refuge and/or hide in schools, mosques, hospitals. To do otherwise is suicidal and frankly, stupid. The excuse has been, "The world is watching." OH YEAH? Did the world not watch while six million Jews died in the Holocaust? NEVER AGAIN!
Pamela, while your work, dedication and tireless pursuit of the truth are admirable, Sean Hannity IS A FRAUD! Hannity is as "conservative" as was Bush, McCain, blowhard and Mooslim-lover Crispy Creme Christie, and yes, ROMNEY! In other words, Hannity is but another RINO. Oh, they bleat a good tune, but true conservatives do NOT advocate for amnesty, do NOT capitulate to thuggery like like Obama and his pals, and do NOT run from truth. Hannity often HIDES the truth! C'mon, Pamela, the entire FOX network has veered LEFT since that troublemaking Mooslim Saudi prince bought in, and their facade fools no one. Well, almost no one.
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Nov 12, 2012