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Did you sue her? Did you file a criminal complaint for kidnapping? Your passivity is embarrassing. You should have called the police officer's supervisor, you should have called the chief, you should have filed a civil rights lawsuit against CPS, you should not have allowed CPS to enter your house, and you should have gotten a better lawyer.
So true and Bush is to be condemned for that insane idea of 100,000 Palestinian terrorist immigrants.
Actually, the correct term is body shop, not chop shop. Schumer is a moron, but Indian outsourcing firms are driving down wages and replacing American workers. They also bring in Muslim Indians, so they are a security threat as well.
LOL, you criticized me for calling out on him a few months ago on the issue at the Seattle Airport. I warned you about his attitude and personality.
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Beats a trial.
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Just some facts on immigration law. The state cannot apply for asylum on her behalf and there is no such thing as an emergency green card. Rifqa can apply for asylum on her own, however, it will be difficult, as she must show that the government of Sri Lanka will either through action or lack of action cause harm to her. It will be difficult to show that, as the government of Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist and there is little or no evidence that Sri Lanka tolerates murder by family members based on Sharia Law. Now, none of the Barys are in removal proceedings, so there is nothing Rifqa can do to keep her out of her family's custody through immigration law. Now, some people have obtained asylum in the U.S. based on a government's inaction. I encountered some Phillippino citizens who obtained asylum based on threats from the New Peoples Army, they claimed that the government could not protect them. And MS-13 gangbangers have obtained asylum in the U.S. because of gang warfare in El Salvador and extra-legal action by the El Salvadoran police on gangbangers there. So, she has a chance at asylum, but not a good one. But neither her or any other members of her family are in deporation proceedings. In any event, if placed in proceedings, she can apply for cancellation/suspension of removal or defered action. But then she will be an adult in less than a year and none of the threat from her family will really apply as she will be independent legally in both the U.S. and Sri Lanka. The Muslim threat is very small in Sri Lanka. So, in the end, there is not much hope immigration wise, unless she was Obama's aunt.
Another case where the Brits don't have their own airsupport and we have to do it for them. Wasting their money on free sex change operations.
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CNN is certainly scrapping the bottom of the barrel, she is ugly.
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Will have to disagree with you. In a Grand Jury you are asked questions and are required to answer truthfully. It is clear that the answers that Sgt. Nelson will give will implicate others or even himself in a crime. Now, some will argue that no crime was committed and that the Grand Jury or the Assistant United States Attorney (Please note there is nothing known as a U.S. District Attorney) will deliberately or mistakenly miscontrue Sgt. Nelson's version of the events. However the line of your narrative is that the Al Queda terrorists were justifyable executed, not killed in combat. If the Al Queda terrorists faked a surrender in order to kill the Marines entering the house, that is a different story, and you did not claim that. Now, it is the Bush Administration's fault for not taking legal action against unlawful combatants, but only a lawful authority can take action for war crimes. While the Bush Administration should be more agressive in trying and executing unlawful combatants, as unlawful combatants are subject to execution by a lawful authority. During WWI the German government executed unlawful combatants, guerillas or francs titulares, in Belgium, the U.S. executed Germans in American uniforms during the Battle of the Bulge, the British executed Maumaus and Boers, etc. However, it is not the responsibilites of non-commissioned officers to authorize such actions. It must be done in a lawful manner authorized by the chain of command, and Marines should know about the chain of command. Now, if they are charged and want to use the defense that Al Queda used the tactic of false surrender, that will make their actions legal, but, as I stated before, no one is argueing that. Sgt. Nelson obviously knows that a crime was committed but he doesn't want to testify against his comrades.
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