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Clarence Feinour
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Everyday we watch Muslims destroying churches,synagogues, and now holy sites. When will Muslim Obama speak out against such actions? He won't cause he's a Muslims in sheeps clothing. He backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and now invites them to the White Mosque.
Why must the taxpayers keep funding these hateful Iftar dinners in our white house. Yes I said our white house. Muslim obama should be taken out and hanged for treason. He's destroying our country, selling us out to our enemies. Islam is an ideology of hate and deceit. Obama is pandering to our enemies. Enough of the asslicking of Muslims, I'd rather see ass kicking. Muslims dont want to accept our culture. Muslims always pushing for more of thier evil ideology to be implemented on all of us. Time to end the iftar dinners. Time to kick that jackass out of the White House.
The blood of these young men who died fighing the war against Jihad are on Obama's hands. His rules of engagement are costing us dearly. Don't shot unless fired upon. Don't shoot taliban when spotted laying mines at night. Wouldn't want to wake up the neighbors. Obama's policies here at home and in Afghanistan are insane. Obama should be tried for treason.
Liberal Media still wont say Major hasan the Fort hood Jihadist is a Muslim extremist or Muslim terrorist. To the Media it was Major hasan who was pushed by the military into doing what he did. Eventually there will be another catastrophic event that is not prevented and the Mainstream idiots will continue to cover their eyes to the evils of Islam.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2011 on Extraordinary deception at Atlas Shrugs
Question? Where are the Canadians? Why are not Canadians leading this protest. Jesus if this shit were to take place in a school where I live, I'd be knocking on every neighbors door and demanding we all go and protest or shut the school down. Enough of this kissing Muslim ass. Im sick and tired of these asslifters pushing their filty quran and sharia law upon us.
she should have shit in her diaper first and let the pricks keep it. I bet they don't give bagheads the same treatment. Its because of Muslims we all are subject to such BS. Enough of the politically correct crap. Muslims are the ones who want to kill us not 95 year old ladies in diapers. Give me a break.
Oh great, the burned down homes are now being guarded. Perhaps we should start burning down Muslim homes everytime we hear a rumor of a mosque being built. After all whats good for the goose is also good for the gander. lol And our Muslim in Chief continues to bring more of these sick fuxxs to America. Muslims can't coexist, they only want their ideology spread like weeds upon our free society so they can eventually remove our freedom of speech and impose their rat infested sharia law upon us. to that I say to all Muslims, Go to hell.
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Jan 2, 2010