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East Walpole, MA
mid-aged bodied young at heart gay roleplayer and teacher who always seeks a good chat
Interests: RPGs, boardgames, cooking, history, movies, culture, good food with good company, music of many types, TV/films, theater, etc.
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Wow. What a beautiful dog. Very sad, my condolences. I've had to be the one to put the pets to sleep and when it was the Springer Spaniel that I grew up with, my friend and confidant, well that was a very hard thing to do. My best to you and your family.
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Yeah, gotta say that the Onion spot was a hoot. Just saw the film and AWESOME! Too freakin awesome. It's great, it was needed and I hope to hell that if there's more on big or small screen they don't F it up like so many other sequels. The director and scriptwriter needs to stay on board.
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For myself, D&D has been a life saver in high school and a past time that allows me to enjoy storytelling, character development, and be a way to get to know people through their choices in play. Plus it's damn fun and role players can be some of the most interesting people I've met. Get out there and get a new generation whatever RPG that isn't electronic you can. It keeps our hobby alive and teaches them things no program ever could or will (at least for the near future. Hail the polyhedrons.
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