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Fred Goodwin
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I'm a Cowboys fan, but I always had the utmost respect for coach Johnson and his defense. I will keep him in my prayers.
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Jan: I'm a relative newcomer to the Episcopal Church. I grew up and was baptized in the Southern Baptist Church, I married a Roman Catholic. After we had two kids, my wife and I decided to join the Episcopal Church (it had the liturgy she liked and it was nominally "Protestant" which I liked) about ten years ago. I've grown to love the Episcopal Church and I'm sad to see it going it through such struggles. I consider myself a theological conservative (you can call me Evangelical, I won't take offense!), but it brings me no joy to read of the church's struggles. Unlike my conservative brethren, I plan to stay in the church. We have a vibrant parish (St. Thomas in the Diocese of West Texas), with many families and young children. I'm not one of those who longs to bring back the "Ozzie & Harriet" days (as someone on the HoBD list characterized Bp. Duncan); I wish I knew the answer, but I don't. Instead, every Sunday, I will pray for the church and its leaders (and I pray for PB Jefferts-Schori and Bp Robinson just as I pray for my own Bishop).
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"Has-been"? Is it asking too much to show some common courtesy and refer to him as "former" vice-president?
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