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Well, he might be 'confident and happy in the music you're making' but who couldn't use more money - hence more security - to continue doing the thing they love doing, and in this case, are very good indeed at doing? The most die-hard of 'anti-capitalist' artists can have side ventures profiting in some way from the commercial domain. In this case, though, its just out in the open & under his own name rather than a pseudonym, which riles people. I love how we heads - and I do include myself in this - are so fixated on the 'ethics of the underground' that we flat-out deny daily reality and take the moral high ground; as if we ourselves would refuse the chance to make more money at any point in our lives. We wouldn't. Anyway, we're going round in circles but in summary, if the price of more good music coming into the world is occasional bullshit PR, its a price well wortk paying. As a music lover I'd hope you agree.
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So Lazarus wants to get some more exposure & recognition within the mainstream. Exactly why is this a bad thing? As long as his music rings 100% true, the only people who suffer is the 245 achingly-cool 'underground heads' who feel a bit let down. On the other side, many more (more than 245) people end up getting exposed to much better music, music they probably wouldn't have listened to before. Getting someone like Lazarus in the DJ Mag Top 100 is a great way of doing that, where he'd doubtless replace a guy with cynical marketing AND dreadful music, like Judge Jules, or some other appalling shit.
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"lol, when glossy PR bullshit for some bullshit fashionista hits the hard shores of people who have a clue; always makes me laugh, like two worlds apart." Nail on head. I too work in music promotion, although not PR, and even the most cynical marketing BS has an audience somewhere. Not everyone is a high-minded, 'principled' connoisseur like us forumites. This email was fucking lame, authorised or not, but dance music is virtually unviable as it is, and I hardly think Lazarus is Coca Cola. Anyone should be free to try anything to stay afloat. If you don't like it, ignore it or delete it. Simple.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on Sad, sad, sad at Test
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Sep 15, 2010