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Chuck Field
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If I say I want a Wil Wheaton plush doll, does it mean I'm gay? (NTTAWWT) This is so cool, I'm considering holding up a convenience store so I have the extra cash to buy one. Then I would take him with me whenever I travel. Hey! An idea is leaking out from my head holes... We should totally create a web page where people can upload their images of their Wil Wheaton plush doll in various locales. I can see it now (cue wavey-line transition) - Plush Wil at the Eiffel Tower! - Plush Wil on South Beach! - Plush Wil at the top of the Seattle Space Needle! - Plush Wil at the Taj Mahal! - Plush Wil making nice with that cute stripper at... er... maybe not that one. (I totally first typed Eiffel Towel, by mistake. Considered leaving it that way, but the writer in me objected profusely. And Profanely, too.)
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Jun 13, 2012