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I've never commented before (though I've been reading your blog and books for a few years). I just want to say, don't let the bastards get you down. Maybe think of it this way: You are KILLING IT so hard lately that you're attracting more attention than usual (I, for instance, see you on regularly when I re-watch episodes of TNG, then on Eureka, AND on Tabletop!). As you well know, more attention usually equals more negative attention from that consistent percentage of the population who insist on bringing others down. You do your best, and most of us can understand that it must be difficult to live constantly under scrutiny. As a uni. and high school teacher, my students "evaluate" me every semester. I think I'm a pretty good teacher, and the vast majority of student feedback reflects learning, satisfaction, and even happiness (I have some really wonderful students). But, there are always one or two really negative comments. Every time I read one, I sit there for a while and wonder if I failed. I wonder if I could have changed something to make that person happy or to help them learn more. Sometimes I change my approach for next time, and sometimes there just isn't anything I can do. But no matter how many great, positive comments I get, that one glaring insult still gets under my skin. It still makes me feel kind of worthless. And this is one comment out of only 100 or so! The scale of your experience is so much larger than that. I think we just need to put those things behind us, and keep them away from our fleshy, soft hearts and up in our tough, logical brains. We need to focus on being the best we can possibly be, and try to feel more sympathy for the offenders than empathy. Our best IS enough, because it has to be until we have time to grow and to become more awesome...and we get a little more awesome all the time! :) So, we're here for you, man, and (one more time) don't let the bastards get you down! -A fan
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Jun 19, 2012