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Oh you do not feel sorry for me? Well koranimal liar I never asked you to feel sorry for me. Nor do I in any way need your koranimal sorrow. Guess what though haji, I don't feel sorry for you or your people either. Matter of fact I hold with extreme pride that I sent some of your fellow coreligionists off to hell by means of the bullet. Since you are a koranimal and can't seem to understand things the way most human beings do let me be very very clear. I am happy I killed dozens of your fellow muslim whores. If you were there I would kill you and your family too. So say what you will. Call me all the names you want muzzie scum. Boo fucking hoo. Bottom line is the American military under Bush laid Iraq to complete waste. We killed your "freedom fighters" by the tens of thousands. Your side killed what 4000? Well koranimal we killed 4000 Iraqis in a week without even trying. But what makes it funny is that your fellow koranimals the insurgents went to war against the Iraqi people (you know the innocent Iraqis that the media and talking heads say we were there to help but know this to someone who was there with my boots on the ground I could give a fuck less about anyone muslim in Iraq and we could have killed them all without me losing a wink of sleep) yeah your freedom fighting insurgents killed tens of thousands of iraqis too. So the fact is your insurgents while being our targets were also doing a nice job for us. Got it cameljockey? You assumed I cared about what you think? You were wrong. I only care when you die, and your koranimal family dies. You are to be dismissed for 2 reasons. first your a muslim which means you are a liar first and foremost. Second you trotted out the bullshit liberal talking points about GWB. In 2011 your liberal bullshit talking points have been rebuked to the point where you do not even deserve to be listened to. Not debated like you think is happening because you are not being debated. You are being told that you do not matter, your little BS islamo whinefest reply was not even read. You are not worth the air. Got it? The only way you matter is that you know that I relish the fact that I killed your little friends with red hot lead. So I hope I made myself clear you cameljockey walking corpse.
Any moron who says "President Bush II invaded Iraq after telling millions of lies to American citizens about Saddam Hussein's government." is to be instantly dismissed as a liar themselves. As a man who fought in the Iraq war and saw firsthand the absolute evil atrocities carried out by Saddams regime then allah loving insurgents, I know fully well that your islamist/leftist lies are just that LIES. So koranimal lie all you want but when I saw with my own eyes how your coreligionists cut the heads off of men women and children (yes I put a childs decapitated corpse and head into a body bag, a child who was muslim and killed by a muslim) I have no reason not to see you as the enemy.
Oh please don't bother pointing out anything factual like this on atlas shruggs. Regardless of the fact that you are right and that Jews are NOT a race you are just going to get the religious wackos panties in a bunch. The same people who point out over and over that Islam is not a race will go nuts when confronted that Jews are not a race either. Facts matter not here because for some here it is all a matter of faith regarding this. I speak from experience. A few months ago I wrote a comment that I was praised over and over for. The ass kissing was embarassing and I told them that they may not agree with all I say because I only care about facts not hyperbole. Just a couple weeks later a stupid bitch who was cheering Pamela made the insane comment that the new testament contained not a word of violence but was filled with puppy dogs and love ins instead. When I posted dozens and dozens of passages that contained the violence I was systematically attacked and my character assassianiated. A few days later I made another comment regarding another inaccurate religious zealot comment and again I was attacked regardless of the fact I used facts and provided sources unlike my attackers. For that my service to this country was attacked. As a %100 disabled multitheater veteran in the Special Operations community the fact that those who attacked me were the same exact IDs who were kissing my ass a few weeks prior was a turning point for me to where I no longer comment on JW Or ATS. WHat is ironic most of all is that the conservative side is willing to eat each other over the slightest issue because most are nothing but holier than thou know it alls who do not think for themselves but just like the left are obsessed with groupthink. Because while here we can insult Muzzie koranimals all we want we CANNOT go against the dogmas lies and expose the problems in either christiandom or judiasm. So Lincoln your wasting your time and have made yourself an enemy of the commenters here because you pointed out a fact that the bible thumpers don't care to admit. Don't feel bad though because your in good company. Oh anyone else who is going to waste the time to comment on my comment don't waste your time.
Oh great another "conservative" bashing Atheists again. Thanks for attacking all Atheists with such a broad brush asshole. Get it through your thick heads conservatives not all Atheists are liberals nor is Atheism even political. The more and more you keep attacking Atheism the more I keep thinking you christians are just a useful ally against the islamist hordes, and that in reality you are also the enemy it's just that you don't want to kill me like the islamists but you would have no problem taking my secular rights away.
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Yup saw Islam up close and personal. Let me count the ways..... We killed a sniper who was shooting American & Polish troops. Oh forgot to mention that he was also shooting Iraqi civilians. Oh silly me I almost forgot where the sniper was shooting from, a minnerate of a mosque. Raided a house that was taken over by insurgents. The Jihadist insurgents slit the throats of the family including 3 preteen children. These "moderate peaceful muslims who were only trying to defend their homeland from the imperialist crusaders" wrote arabic on the walls in blood of the dead family. Was there when a childs body was found in the middle of the road with his head cut off rigged with explosives. Watched as "pious Muslims" transported hundreds of small arms from a red cresant van into a local mosque. And those are just 3 things that stain my mind. Someone here said there was no reason to hate Islam, well I have all sorts of reasons to hate Islam, apologists for islam, useful idiot liberals, multiculturalist retards, and other assorted morons. Notice I hate peoples ideas and beliefs and that reason only. People can change their beliefs, religions, and ideas all day long.
"Can you come up with something else? Muslim civil liberties organizations are tied to the MB,a Muslim member of congress is tied to MB blah blah is tied to the MB." It seems like the FACT that so many Muslim talking heads ARE tied to the MB terrorists has at least gotten into your head. As far as you not liking that uncomfortable FACT I could really give a shit less about. Instead of finding error in Ms Gellers reporting you chose to resort to accusing everyone of "bigotry". That too BBC may be a problem because while I cannot speak for others it seems pretty clear that those who read and comment on this site could care less if they are called bigots or not. I for one whenever I see some liberal crying racist or bigot only see someone who knows they lost the argument. As far as this whole Juan Williams story goes, I am a bit troubled by it. First of all Williams has been a water carrier for stupid liberals for decades. Finally for once in his life he gathers some common sense and all of a sudden we are supposed to feel bad that he got fired by NPR. Why is it that I should feel sorry for Williams? Can someone explain that to me? I am not a journalist and I have known for years that if a liberal says something that is not liberal group think gibberish that said liberal will be thrown under the bus quicker than you can blog the story. The same thing goes for any other liberal, if you use your brain and open your eyes and make a statement other than Muslims can do no wrong then you will get canned. I guess my main problem with this whole story is that it is not like Williams changed his political idealogy or anything. Williams is still a liberal. He will still carry water for the dumbest of causes. IMO he deserves nothing from us. He knew the rules, and he knew the type of anti American filth he hangs with. Williams was a fool before and he remains a fool.
While I have been reading this site for a little over a year it has just been the last couple months I have been bothering to comment. Perhaps this has been a mistake. I am not posting to argue I am posting this so perhaps some will realize that they are fighting this war in the wrong way. It is tiring and annoying to see all this bashing of the ACLU when it is the ACLU who is suing the islamist school in the first place. Without the ACLU the islamist school Tiza would not be being sued. Trying to use Jefferson who was a Deist and not a Christian as an argument against the separation of religion and state is so flawed it is not even debating. It just proves to me that both sides intentionally attempt to pervert and distort history to further their cause. Sadly we also have those here who make the false claim of science being used as religion. The fact is science is the exact opposite of religion. Science in no way involves faith where as religion demands faith in the unknown. Science on the other hand uses observation and fact to turn the unknown into the known. Worst of all it is the separation of religion and state that is really the only thing that can legally deny sharia here in America, and sadly most here that goes over their heads. I thought about providing detail after detail to refute the false claims written in other comments but this would be a waste of time. When I did this before I was just attacked rather then anyone refuting my evidence. Worst though were the idiots who claimed I was trying to help the jihadists. I have suffered life long injuries due to my direct fighting against jihadists in the Global War on Terrorism. That alone is proof enough that I am not trying to help any jihadist scum. To accuse me of such sickens me. Before I thought that the commentators on this site were mainly well informed people who care about defeating the jihadists. What I see more and more are just religious fundamentalists both Christian and Jewish attacking Islam not because Islam is a wicked and vile religion but because they want their fundamentalist religion running this country. This is a war between the Secular west and the islamic world. The sooner we admit this the better.
Oh as to your comment about seeking real change. I am AGAINST "real change" I want America to revert back to better times not form into a socialist hellhole. As far as picking my battles more wisely, EVERY BATTLE IS MY BATTLE And I am willing to fight for every cause against the sharia. I understand that is hard for you to comprehend you know you being a civilian and all and never fighting for any thing in your life.
I guess you just choose to miss the entire point. First of all lets make things VERY clear. I am an Atheist. That means along with the fact that I do not believe in ANY of your cute little sky gods I also am not going to eat the food that your imams rabbis or anyone else says a prayer over. Matter of fact I find the very idea of praying over a freshly dead animal is just more proof how that religion is backwards to the 21st century and is a smack in the face to the thousands of years of science mankind has learned. So my anger over being sold "halal" meat has fuck all to do with "my personal religion" because fact is I don't have any religion personal or otherwise. My anger is that morons are having even more moronic imams come in meat plants and preying over food that will be sold to me without warning me first that the moronic imam was there in the first place. While idiots like you crawl from under your rocks to attack anything jewish whenever you can the fact that I an Atheist am upset for the same reasons jews and christians are over this matter. So in reality your arguement is drenched in antisemiteism and nothing more. The other thing is that muslims push, and push and push to get things more their way here in America. Because of the behavior of muslims here and around the world I will oppose ANYTHING islamic ANYTHING. Anything a muslim demands that is in any way different from what an average American demands then you can be rest assured I will be against it. If you think I am an asshole because of that well guess what you're right. I am an asshole and proud of it. Islam and the teachings of Islam are a direct attack on my personal beliefs. So please call me all the names you wish because I wear them all as badges of honor. "Racist, Islamophobe, bigot!" Well thank you very much asshole it means so much coming from an idiot who is willing to give up their freedoms to be politically correct.
Both LGF and the Jawa report are websites where ego and immaturity have led to personal self-destruction. I no longer waste any time visiting either of these sites and frankly since I do not go there I really don't care what those losers have to say. While I see the point of exposing CJ's latest retarded move it really teaches me anything new. Last week I knew that Charles Johnson is a hypocrite and liar of the biggest magnitude. Today I still know the same facts. Last week I knew that Charles Johnson does as much as he can to cause a rift between Atheists and Christians. Today I still know this is true. Charles Johnson can fuck off for all I care. B Baker
I too am disgusted by the fact that our Government wastes all this tax money on "aid" I hold the belief that the United States should only give aid to those who 1. Appreciate it, 2.are tightly regulated and make sure that none of this "aid" falls into the hands of the enemy, and 3. most importantly the "aid" while helping others should also help America. If the aid does nothing to help America then the aid should be ceased at once. I have heard from many that "we should not give aid overseas but we should aid the needy here in America". I even disagree with this. Throwing money at homelessness for example has not eliminated scrubby panhandlers begging for money in almost every major city in the United States. I cannot find one example of America using tax dollars to elminiate a problem that has actually worked. "war on drugs" "war on poverty"? America's inner cities are still poverty ridden and more people use "drugs" than did 50 years ago. Pouring billions of dollars into Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is in my opinion the biggest waste of American tax dollars EVER. The majority of their populations hate us and support jihadist groups. All that money buying "new friends" and rebuilding countries that provoked us into war would have been better spent on National Defense. Otherwise most money spent on aid should never been spent at all. B Baker
Bogus?? Sorry Jane but that is a fucking pathetic way to defend your claim. The website I offered just lists all of the violent and evil passages in the bible the only way it could be "bogus" was if they were adding their opinion or making up passages. The fact that all of us can break our bibles out and read all of the passages word for word that are posted on the site. Perhaps you do not like the violence and evil in the bible but pointing it out is not bogus. With you making the claim that content of the site is bogus is JUST AS BAD when islamists claim we are taking their koran out of context, not reading the koran correctly cause we don't read it in arabic or that we are making it up. Bogus Wow just wow.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Statistical Islam Part I at Atlas Shrugs
I agree with you to a point Jane. I was never trying to twist anything you said around. If you read carefully what I said I only disagreed with the claim that you made that I put in quotations for you. If you reread my very first response to you I never even mentioned islam. I specifically wanted to keep all other religions especially islam out of our new testament discussion. Our discussion was never about islam or comparing religions. It was ONLY about the violent content of the new testament nothing more. I was trying to point out content to you not comparison or context. Other people were the ones doing what you are accusing me of. If you think I am in any way trying to give islam a free pass or trying to justify the overwhelming amount of flat out evil and hate in the koran then just read my other posts and watch for my posts in the future. As a man who has already defiled the koran and burnt that horrible book to a crisp I do not think you need to worry about me defending that hate rag. "a reference to violence is vastly different from the multitudes of mandates commands expectations and explicit instructions by the koran to DO violence" Which was NEVER even my disagreement with you Jane. I tried very hard to get that across to you but somehow you missed it. My issue was that violence exists in the New Testament, when you made the claim on multiple posts that no such violence existed even when pointed out to you. So I really hope we are clear on this issue and we can put it to rest. Please reread all that I wrote if you have any doubts . B Baker
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It's totally fine, the main thing I am trying to do is say that when we say things we should say them carefully so that our enemies cannot use those statements against us. Because we all know that islamists and their leftist idiots love to smear whatever we say. I want to make it clear that I am NOT trying to get into a fight with anyone including Jane I am just trying to get a point across. Sadly I feel we should just drop the matter before people start getting upset because I think people here think I am trying to attack them or their religion when that is not what I am trying to do. I like most of Jane's comments and I certianly see her as an ally. The internet is great but one thing it is not good at getting across is motivation and emotion. I try to look at my comment before I post it to try and make sure that I am coming across the way I want to but when all I can do is type it is difficult. I am glad Martel that you know it is me that you are talking to because since we talk via email you know my motivation a bit more than the avg commenter here. I have only been posting comments on this site for a month or so after reading this site for a couple years. At first I could only sign on under my google account but somehow one day I signed on with this account. I'm not trying to be 2 different people or anything I just am not the best at managing accounts. I managed to get my computer to remember to sign in or keep signed into this user name so I will keep trying to just use this one. Plus I'll make sure to sign at the end just to be sure. So hopefully we all here know that we are all on the same side. I know I am and always will be on the side of America. I also want people to know that even though I am an Atheist I am more than happy to ally myself with Christians, Jews, and Muslims who honestly are against sharia and honestly want serious reform within islam itself. B Baker
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I totally agree and in fact could not have put it better myself.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Statistical Islam Part I at Atlas Shrugs
You All are getting WAY WAY WAY off track. Jane said and I quote "and reminding that the New Testament has not one word of violence in it." So Jsne is making the claim that the New Testament has ZERO, NOPE, NADA, NOT A ONE, NARY A WORD of violence in it. I am making the claim that she is incorrect. In order for me to refute her claim I do not need to explain wethwer it is God being violent or Jesus being violent or whoever. All one has to do is find one single sentance that contains violence in any context whatsoever and I have refuted her statement. Let be repeat, she makes the claim that the new testament has no (KEY WORD NO) violence in it. All ANYONE has to do to prove her wrong is to find a single passage that contains violence. Thats it. The best Jane can do is "claim " that she debunked the web site I offered (that lists every violent act in the bible and oh the horror it is a Atheist website) Well Jane you can say anything you want to try to bash the web site, and I'll make it easy for you lets say I agree that the website I offer is total garbage, that is STILL NOT THE POINT. We all own bibles here so all we have to do is take any of the passages that horrible and evil website I offered (first one I gfound on google) then take out your bible and compare. If ANY of the dozens of passages, any single one of them matches the bible in your hands then I remain correct and Jane you remain incorrect. Because when the layman reads your post and finds that there is in fact violence in the new testament then they are not going to be so ready to believe that we here on this site have actually researched the koran when the layman can catch us up in simple mistakes. Martel sorry I used the wrong synonym it must have been spell check. It does not matter if there is zero instruction in the new testament because that was not Jane's claim. Instructions in the new testament is NOT the issue. Her claim was that the book contained no violence whatsoever is the issue and the ONLY issue. Am I attempting to compare the koran and bible? Absolutely not! I have repeatedly stated what my issue is with Jane's comment. Since my issue with all this has nothing to do with the koran I have been keeping it real. I only think we must avoid making such blanket claims like she did and be a bit more specific. If she said the bible had almost zero violence in it or that compared to the koran the new testament had almost no violence then I never would have needed to comment about it. Jane and everyone else here is a easy way to save face.... Say that the New testament has very little violence. Say it is almost violence free. Or better yet just stop making the claim that the new testament contains no violence. The only reason I took you to task about the issue is that you are the one who has made the claim more than once in more than one post. All you got to do is stop making the false claim and I'll shut up about it. I am really picky about all of this because our enemies use anything they can against us. The MSM loves to ridicule Christians and would love to call all of us extremist idiots who just hate islam because we are just bible thumpers who make false claims about the bible. I would much rather have my ally correct my mistake than have my enemy use a simple mistake against me, and so should you. Lastly if we refuse to accept passages in the bible from a website then think about this, Jesus was killed in the New Testament. He was cruxified on the cross. His death was a violent one. That alone disproves the claim that the new testament has zero violence. That is the HUGE difference between no and some. I never came to this website to comment in order to gain popularity. I only come for the truth. I will freely admit when I make mistakes when my mistakes are pointed out, and I hope that we all can do the same. B Baker
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Jane's claim that there was no passages which contained violence. Regardless of who was committing the violence or who the violence was directed at the violence remains. So because of that I do not think I need to persue this matter any further. I do not think expanding this off topic subject adds to the counterjihad. And just to let you know all I had to do to find these passages was to google "violence in the new testament" then check if there were violent passages in it which there was a plenty.
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Jane I have seen you make the claim that there is "not one word of violence" in the New Testament. You have made this claim on this website several times. Your statement is NOT true so you should really stop saying it. This link is to one website of many that tracks all the violent content in religious texts. This exact link provides the reader all the violent content of the old and new testament. So please read and notice that there are dozens upon dozens violent passages in what you claim is violence free. This is in no way to attack you, this is just an attempt to stop you from using a poor arguement. You are right that we should judge by comparing modern behavior but denying that violent passages exist when they do is a poor choice in tactics. Then we can move on to more important work.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Statistical Islam Part I at Atlas Shrugs
Whenever the MSM acts cowardly like this all of us should be informed about it. Yet by now we should not be shocked by it. By now it is to be expected. That is why this website and others are so important. This story reinforces that the MSM and so called journalists are cowards. While they "think" they are the 5th estate (or whatever estate they claim) in reality they are just cowards. It takes courage to tell the truth and it is obvious that the Avg. American still has courage. Ms. Geller and all of us who comment here are just Avg. Americans, and we should all take great pride knowing this. While our "news reporter" may think he is better than us, we think we are better than no one. Those in the MSM have egos that prohibit them from critical thinking. While at this time in history critical thinking is perhaps the most important thing we have. We must keep telling the truth, and we must never be too afraid to keep telling it. This is a matter of freedom, and we should be willing to die for freedom. In the end all we have is our word, one day we all shall die and we should want to always be remembered for being honest no matter the consequences. I will draw cartoons that offend people's religious beliefs. I will burn religious texts BECAUSE it offends. I will offend because I have the freedom to do so. And the only way to stop me is to kill me. If you kill me someone else will take my place. the only defense is to not be so damned thin skinned. Because if I cannot offend then I would stop.
As far as who "TOM" is, I honestly do not know nor do I really care. My background in the Navy & Marine Corps as an mid level enlisted guy has taught me a lot about Military Officers. For the most part Officers do none of the heavy work, and are given lots and lots of perks. On a work up DET all of us E6 and below had to sleep in semi truck trailers while the Officers slept in a 4 star hotel a couple miles away. I also remember for a couple months I was working from 4 in the afternoon to 8 in the morning. My Officers worked from 9 in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon. I could give example after example but this post will get boring real fast. My experience is that "most" officers are overeducaded and lack common sense. In the military world (and trust me the civilian world and military world are VERY different places and because of this people like me have a very hard time ajusting back to the civilian world.) the most respected are Officers that were once enlisted. This is a brief about the "conventional" side of the military. The special operations community is a totally different animal from the conventional. That means that the breed of person are different as well. Officers in the special operations community are normally hands on type of people inlike their conventional "brothers" I have experience in both worlds but like the rest of you I am just a lowly civilian. I hope I cleared things up.
Thank you very much everyone for your kind words. I am a lucky guy because unlike a lot of people I am able to my thoughts on to paper pretty easily. On the other hand I have a lot of faults. First and foremost I am naturally politically incorrect. I cuss like a sailor, and perhaps I do have a lot of intolerance inside me. I am cool with all these traits though, and as a 33 year old I am pretty set in my ways. So far I enjoy this site and I plan on offering many more comments. I am glad that I am able to put onto page what a lot of you all are thinking. I shall continue to do this in the future. But please don't hesitate to call me to the carpet when I say something stupid. For example one of my pet fights is trying to get christians to work together with Atheists in our "clash of civilizations" with islam. A fight I usually lose.
thanks for the concern. Not even the nicest christan could convert me so my smallest worry is that a koranimal would convert me.
sure email me at fiftyfourhundredwatts @yahoo To anyone who is going to hit this email address with spam just know that this is just one of my many throw away accounts.
Kill them all? NO WAY NOT AT ALL! I am not advocating that one bit. Plus if you reread what I said about Mecca, I never mentioned using a nuclear warhead, secondly I said to destroy the Kabbah not the city. I was specific. A JDAM would do just fine blowing up the cube with minimal collateral damage. I am not saying go after the muslim people who are ACTUAL civilians (jihadists while technically civilians are that grey area and we all know they use that to their advantage) I condone targeting holy islamic sites for effect. I also condone targeting imams who espouse jihad. As far as Lutterll I have read his book a couple times, it is good but no I do not walk lock step with him as far as his opinions. As far as allowing muslims in the military for right now I would place a moritorium on allowing them to enlist. Thank you for your service, B Baker
Sure someone can SAY that what I have said are fabrications but then they would be lying. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I am telling you is either in the koran or hadiths (which is a book that is just as important as the koran but it tells the life of muhammed) Like I said educate YOURSELF, take nothing I say at face value. Read the islamic books for YOURSELF and you will see that I am telling the truth. I am not going to quote chapter and verse but it is EASILY found on the internet. As far as your claim that Saudi Arabia and the Taliban are just "misconstruing" the koran and hadiths is the typical MSM nonsense that frankly I am sick and tired of hearing because it is just not true. The FACT is that groups like al queda and the taliban are following the koran and hadiths down to the letter. It is so called "moderate" muslims that are actually not following islam down the line. Like I will say a million times and am tired of saying READ THE KORAN AND HADITHS for YOURSELF and make your own decision. What should we do? Well you may not like what I think. But you asked, so here you go. First we should STOP nation building in Afghanistan. I spent over 12 months there in 2002 and unless we are killing jihadists every dollar spent on trying to get them to like us is a waste of money and accomplishes zilch. Second, we need to STOP muslim outreach. It too is a waste of money, muslims only respect strength and when we do this kiss ass "oh we're just like you, we can be friends" garbage it is a waste of time. Third, we should make a worldwide declaration. We need to tell the muslim world that they have done a piss poor job controlling their fundamentalists. And from now on the next jihadist attack (any violent attack carried out in the name of islam) will be retaliated with flattening the kabbah in Mecca, and if there is any attack after that then we will level the al asqa mosque. Those are 2 of the most holy sites in islam and if the muslim world understood that we were deadly serious and that we would no longer permit ourselves to be freely attacked without consequences to them they would police themselves a LOT more. Granted this is not nice, this is not PC and this will hurt the feelings of muslims around the world. What about our feelings as Americans though? Forth I would deal with the MSM. I would demand that the MSM stop shilling for sharia law (sharia law another thing you need to learn about) and from now on every time a news station openly shills for the islamists (of course I would give them the information about islam and sharia first) they would get tens of millions of dollars in fines or an amount that would bankrupt them within 5 violations. Of course none of these things are going to happen. No one would elect me and for good reason. I don't think the American public would want to elect someone who would smack the shit out of a reporter or spit on a fellow politician and I got no problem with doing either. Like I said though electable I am not, I am just an Iraq & Afghanistan combat veteran. I know much more about conducting a fast roping snatch and grab operation in an extremely hostile area or parachuting from 31k feet 15 miles from the coast in the middle of the night reccing a location then vanishing back into the sea then I know how to be diplomatic with people. And the only reason I am teaching you about islam is because I've been blown up and shot too many times to do that type of work any more. The only other thing I can suggest that can be done is to educate yourself and then your friends about the threat of islam. Personally though I agree with men like Geert Wilders and expelling Muslims from the west. I care about doing things that actually make people safer rather than doing things that don't make people feel bad. On the other hand I totally understand that we need Americans that are "touchy feely" And YES we on all occasions must expose islam and expose what is really taught in islam. Since our government is WAY too stuck on PCness and multiculturalism to do this we must do this as citizens of the west. Just to clear things up I am a secularist and a humanist so I am not advocating christianity or judiasm either. B Baker