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Rick Church
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True HIV prevention will put the power to stop HIV transmission in the hands of everyone. I would like to see an emphasis on Microbicide research that empowers receptive partners, in sexual intercourse both heterosexual and homosexual, to take control of safer sex practices. These would include Microbicide strategies to be used -at the time of sexual intercourse. Scientific priorities must include availability and access as key components of HIV prevention research. Whether anti-retroviral medication is given prior to infection or post-infection I believe it is a disservice to people most at risk for HIV infection to consider these medications as HIV prevention. It only takes an observation of the failure to distribute HIV/AIDS therapies worldwide to predict similar PrEP failures. I believe it is important to emphasize that HIV is ultimately shared through sex and needles. Where condom use has failed other microbicides must succeed. The scientific agenda must become aware and engage in the cultural and religous obstacles to HIV prevention worldwide. International faiths such as Catholicism, Islam and Judiasm must be partners in this scientific agenda or new HIV prevention strategies will suffer a similar fate as condom use.
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Jun 23, 2010