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We signed Marbury, Nate Robinson, Von Wafer, Shaq and Delonte. All them guys didn't produce as expected basketball wise but their behavior and demeanor with the Celtics impressed every skeptic. I say take him with the vet's min and sign Delonte. That's a nasty 1-2 punch in the starting backcourt of any team, now imagine that coming off the bench.
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Classless: Under that rationale, NY should be THE place for him to go.
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Have I missed the article or link or interview where Dwight says his main option is LA? Why is it a given that he'll choose LA if he's traded or walks in FA? Or is it just media conjecture about the Orlando/Shaq situation where they've compared Dwight and his inability to win in Orlando and the fear that he may pull a Shaq and go to LA? Which is it?
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There are 4 players that I have to beg for acid to be poured in my eyes every time I see them: Varejao, Gasol, Noah and Mo Williams. Can't stand them and their pussy ass theatrics and "primal" yells.
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Mar 10, 2011