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I was just talking to the sports turf manager at UNH about how the University is transitioning all of their athletic fields and turf to an organic approach. He told me that this was largely in part to pressure from student interest groups raising awareness about the perils of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The truth is, and this particular manager would reiterate it, that caring for turf without the use of chemicals and pesticides is actually as easy and effective as a chemically intensive approach. For some reason, the chemical lawn care services continue to react with irrational anger towards this. (The New White Male?????) This is not a case of the government or political correctness taking away a right, it's just common sense. Of course, I'm biased because our company Firebelly Lawn Care offers chemical free solutions to having a nice lawn, even if it's a giant swath of turf in the center of a campus. -Tom Kelly
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Jul 20, 2010