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The "dish" is the best form of solar thermal (without storage) as it requires no grading and is 30% efficient (twice that of rooftop). Light emitting diodes will be 12 x more efficient than old bulbs and electric cars, 4 to 5 times as efficient, therefore, we can power (almost) ALL of our needs AND still have about 3/4 of the deserts pristine! Go Green Grid! No on carbon taxation.
Ok, I'm persuaded to "go for" a small carbon tax. Perhaps I was wrong to say that credibility isn't really the issue (HAVING TO advance clean energy is). But where does it draw the line between forcing clean energy use and forcing outright economic depression and more wars? It is going to take the most qualified economists to figure that out! However, Mr Lomborg's "solution" does entail a small carbon tax (that is increased in time). He is rightfully saying that the tech fix (for creating power)is more important than...well, anything else.
I can't believe someone would say that Mr lomborg's info is "flawed". Anybody with any common sense would know that alternative energy sources is a better investment than "reducement" energy sources (large carbon taxes)! Oh, guess what? Nobody knows what the GDP will be anyways in four generations from now. What we do know is that there will be little or no GDP if we continue to fund carbon crap instead of alternatives. Just because NASA hasn't a back up plan doesn't mean the rest of us need to be deprived of new and exciting technology. Robotic solar panel factories (same for the batteries) could power TEN times global demand. Now you can say that is flawed, perhaps it's "only" 9.8 x or even 99 times more, still you get the drift. And that is just ONE tech fix!
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Posted Dec 21, 2009 at fireofenergy's blog
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Dec 21, 2009