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I understand that most everyone wants more this year but for me you have to take a shot at getting LeBron. Maybe it doesn't happen. You have to find out for sure don't you? What teams at this time will have enough cap space to offer LeBron a full contract?
I look at it this way. The whole 2010 thing is like the lottery. You have to buy a ticket to play. Well what the Heat is doing is buying a ticket. Those without space can't play. At the very least a core of Wade and Beasley is enticing to come to. Yes New York is the big city with sponsorships etc. Although Wade doesn't seem to be doing too bad in Miami. The core of Beasley and Wade sounds better than the possibility of Gallinari and Curry.
Wow Slledge! I'm all about thanking Shaq for the championship but it was Wade who turned it on in the finals. Wonder if we could have done the same thing with Zo in there during the Finals. Why are you so loyal to Shaq? Did he buy you something?
I love the fact that with Shaq and others we now have a championship in Miami. He had a lot of help though. Mainly Dwayne playing like Mike in the Finals. After that though he was the Big Disappontment!
Seriously doubt AI would take 4 Mil. Who cares about Blount. The only thing he would be good for is a trade chip but we can't even use him for that because it would mean taking back more salary. AI is one that I would not want. This isn't NBA Live... We'll see what Riley has up his sleeve this summer.
Allan Houston exception was one year and one player. That's gone now. Why is everyone so infatuated with AI? What has he done in the past 5 years? He's going slowly downhill, doesn't like it and ruins teams at the same time. It's not like he's going to become a team player overnight.
Have a question for everyone. If the Heat can get a late pick in the first round is there anyone you would like to see them get that you think will be there?
You know in a way I don't think Dorell has gotten the opportunity he needs. That being said I also don't think he has totally earned it either. People usually have to be hungry to succeed. I think it came too hard to fast for Dorell. Personally I think he will be a good role player somewhere but probably not here. Too much history here. For those comparing Beasley and Dorell. Your idiots! Beasley is the number 2 pick in the draft and Dorell well isn't!