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Yet another example of TSA insensitivity and indifference to the security of travelers. People need to grow up and stop swallowing every bit of propaganda the government throws at them. This security charade exists to fund the scanner lobby and provide jobs to otherwise unemployable people. Twelve TSA employees have been arrested or convicted of job related crimes since December. Anyone who trusts an organization with this many criminals is simply ignoring reality. An example: 6 Year Old Girl groped by New Orleans TSA This does nothing to improve traveler safety, the child is simply too small to carry enough explosive to bring down an aircraft. A Southwest 737 developed a five gash in the fuselage and landed without incident. TSA apologists who support funding this agency and having their wives and children groped by strangers are endangering their families and our liberty. Unless people complain to Congress and the White House, these travesties will not stop.
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If the screener made direct contact with your genitals this is outside of protocol and you may pursue assault charges with the LAPD. A similar incident occurred at EWR in December when a female ABC producer was felt up inside her underwear. Pistole went on record saying that this "should never happen"/ I suggest that you file criminal assault charges immediately and demand that they pull the security tape so you can identify the assailant. Good luck and hope this brings about positive change in TSA.
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Apr 6, 2011