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I am enjoying your blog and thought this one was very similar to the one you wrote "If you zone out, you just might miss it" blog. I think many times people check out of life all together and thats when help needs to step in. Currently, I am going through the Iyengar teacher training program and I am loving every moment. There's no way to check out! Every moment is new and exciting and every new breathe should be like that unfortunately many people don't see like that. Luckily, we among our fellow yogi friends realize how precious and wonderful life is. Namaste!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on Showing Up Isn't Enough at Everything Yoga
Thought your post was great in that variety is the spice of life. Often times we do mentally check out during life, conversations and yoga. So changing it up is such a great idea to keep things new and exciting! Namaste!
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Jan 11, 2012