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timothy fitzgibbon
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Wow Southern Shiksa, Huffpo,muzzie pervs,tattle tale,shit from shinola! Harvard perhaps? And Christene, Pamela had no counter rebuttals. She answered no questions at all. Did you even watch it. And by the way, no middle school for me. Private school all the way. You know, the kind my parents paid for. Maybe you don't. And how do my kind go after your children? Someones got some demons. This is the saddest blog I have ever come across and I will not be returning. Now back to your book burnings.
WOW! You showed up looking like a prostitute and had as much to say as Palin herself would have. They ate you alive. You are a true disgrace to this country. Why all of the face contorting? Is this what you always do when you have no response? If you can watch yourself tonite and are not humiliated then you are truly unaware of who you are. Oh! and I love the comment above by "pamela" about the "fagala"and "flamer". I guess the "southern shiksa" as she calls herself is OK with predudice statements. I expect nothing less from your followers.
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Feb 8, 2010