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Pete, You're bringing it strong. That was great stuff on Big Canada. He's very confident with his Madden skills. This is good kid and plays hard. You gotta root for him. After watching Pitt play, I think they don't have offense to blow us out. First We gotta take care of businesss this Saturday.
Thanks Pete! Enjoy the stadium atmosphere. I bet that place will be rocking. Really wish this could be our signature win(should have Bern last week). Here is my prediction: Texas A&M. 31 FIU. 20 Hope I'm wrong
Awesome stuff Pete! I still don't know what Cristobal was thinking in 2nd half. Let's see what happens against A&M. Pete, section 112 always tailgating before every game. You're always welcome to stop by. We brought so much energy to the game that from what I hear, we all lost our voices. Hopefully back by tomorrow.
Pete, visit us as we're tailgating. We're on first row by fairground parking. Go FIU!
Yes Pete don't forget to hit us up. I'm with Chiapanther. We'll have enough food and drinks for you. We sit in section 112, we're bringing it strong this year...hope football team matches our energy. Go FIU!
Thanks Pete for answer on Pellicer. This will be our programs signature win, FIU 24 Rutgers 17
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Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on 2010 Preview: Defensive Line at FIU Panthers Prowl
Thanks for info on d-line. I know Tourek is beast, but watch how both JJ get on the backfield this year. Is Pellicer still on team? I don't recall reading anything on him. As for Forney, true story...I have friend from La but knows many football players and not much about FIU football...and he says that he looks like an athlete for D-lineman. My friend played college football and was a center, so I was discussing weight Forney came in as freshman from IL. He was impressed how big he got in 2 years. As for Lee. Looking forward to seeing him play. We got good depth at D-line, props to MC and staff. Bring on the Scarlett Letters,
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on 2010 Preview: Defensive Line at FIU Panthers Prowl
Awesome Pete! Sun Belt Champions want to tear it up next year. Hope football team is taking notes. Go FIU!
Now with good pass rush, these DB's are going to be good. Souarin is the truth, I expect him to have breakout year. As for safety position. Cyprien is solid, big question is "can Parker make plays or even stay healthy?" . Personally I want to see Terrance Taylor playing. He turned down Rutgers to play at FIU. Kid has some talent. Chia, agree Herald shouldn't be ignored. At the same time, Herald wrote shady articles on fees and APR; so I would understand if FIU is limiting access. Justin is only good guy over there. Pete, keep up awesome work.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on 2010 Preview: Defensive Backs at FIU Panthers Prowl
Can't wait till opener! Seems like we have depth in our secondary. I was impressed with Medlock's size. He does look like big QB. Hopefully he is learning and can be good QB for us in future. I really hope our boys are ready to hit another team starting September 11. We need that signature win for football program.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2010 on Scrimmage No. 3 at FIU Panthers Prowl
That was strong!!! Thanks for answering our questions. I'm also surprised about Marban. He was struggling at times last year but maybe he's figured it out. Good luck to him! Our baseball team just will keep getting better. Seems like some guys are ready to even have better 2011 season. On to football, how can anyone not root for Ariel Martinez? Looking forward to him contributing next year. I can't agree with your assessment of GE, he disappeared last year after good start. I want to see Manchild dominate. GO FIU!
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2010 on They're Building It at FIU Panthers Prowl
Roary, let's get that idea about borrowing a Panther going. I can call the Zoo for Pete
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Panther Power at FIU Panthers Prowl
What a strong post! Great info, nobody does it better than you. I think our DE's are going to dominate this year at least in Sun Belt. Don't sleep on Jonathan Jackson. He will be a monster if he stays healthy.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Panther Power at FIU Panthers Prowl
Nice to be able to follow you again Pete! I knew you couldn't get away from us die-hard fans. Don't forget to hit us up in section112 and for some carne asada before Rutgers game. I see you've been at practices. Who do you think will start at WR? How good is Willis Wright going to be in your opinion? I'm pumped about coordinators, great improvement over Pierna and Paliano. Looking forward to get your insight on coordinators. GO FIU!
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2010 on Welcome to The Prowl at FIU Panthers Prowl
Great post Pete!!! We Own the Night is one of my favorite movies last year. That beginning with Eva Mendes is unforgotteable!!! I haven't had the chance to write on your blogs lately and personally, I'm not too fond of this new stuff the Herald has implemented for blogs. Questions for MC: What are the difference between Coach Coley's and Coach Legg's offensive philosophies? Special teams question: With the loss of Lionell Singleton, which players(current or recruit) do you feel are ready to handle return duties? Thanks Pete!!! GO FIU!!!
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