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Everyone has a right to my opinion
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They only filmed in the boys classes, and that was horrific enough. It doesn't bear thinking about what they do to the female schoolchildren.
Pam... ...and very best wishes to you and all your supporters. Here's hoping you have a healthy, happy and free 2011. As we say here in the UK - No surrender! Frank.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2010 on Happy New Year! at Atlas Shrugs
It's worth noting that when a few months months ago a non-Muslim woman dumped a cat in a wheelie-bin the BBC and mainstream media reported the incident by giving it front page treatment for nearly a week. But now when a muslim barbarically batters a puppy nearly killing it they don't seem that concerned: it's hardly in the news, if at all! Why's that?
Another horrifically graphic record of what Islam stands for but it doesn't matter how many videos you post, how many planes slam into skyscrapers, how many husbands kill their daughters, etc, because those on the Left who refuse to accept reality will always kiss the enemy's ass.
It would be great to see Bolton go for it, but my feeling is he emphasises foreign policy considerations far too much. I'm glad he takes such matters seriously but if he's wants to be a real contender my feeling is he needs to be just as hot when it comes to domestic matters. I wish him every success.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on He's Running! at Atlas Shrugs
Great video and what he says is so very true. We need more politicians to speak up like that, especially in Europe.
A very interesting account about the history and origin of Chanukah. Thanks for that. It's amazing the Jews did so much fighting and defending and yet the lefty-liberals still insist Israel isn't a Jewish homeland.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Chanukah Backgrounder at Atlas Shrugs
In England, it's not just domestic and civil matters, sharia law is also used in actual criminal matters, such as stabbings: See here also: And here:
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Nov 24, 2010
Very inspiring! Robert Spencer rocks and Pamela thoroughly deserves her award and recognition. Congratulations and well done.
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Oct 16, 2010
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Oct 16, 2010